Earthdawn: Leaving the Kaer

An offer they couldn't refuse

Recruitment and Training

The team is in the waiting room of the Library, they are patiently waiting for the scribes to finish making copies of their journals. After a little while a Dwarf enters the room. He has one eye and is carrying a bow. He is Oergesol, the Commander of the King’s Exploratory Force. Their mandate is to explore the wilderness, find lost Kaers, and seek out whatever else is happening out in the surface world.

His purpose for coming to the Libraries waiting room is to seek out the team. He offers them a job with the Exploratory Force, citing the benefits of Training, Paying for material and the potential of “Special Assignments” from the Crown. He tells them that their primary responsibility would be to place mile markers and to find lost people and send them to Throal. During the conversation he asked what the team had for their immediate plans and they told him they they were planning on heading up to Haven and Parlainth. The team agrees to join up with the Exploratory Force, since they may as well get paid for what they were going to be doing in any event. With the offer accepted, their new Commander gave them each 1000 silver for them to each get themselves kitted out for their first mission. Just then the scribes returned with the journals and the money the team was owed. In the end the team received 2000 silver for the journals and 1000 silver each. They were in a good place for money at the moment.

Now that the team was flush with funds Oergesol informs them that there are two inner cities where they should consider seeking lodgings. He suggests that they stay in Yistane, so that they may become used to “weird.” He tells them some of the local legends of that city, namely:

  • People’s dreams are “lively” and “odd”
  • Mirrors seem to randomly fog up or shatter
  • Seeing in the Astral can be accomplished much more simply there.
  • Rumor has it that when the area was being dug out they found the bones of an ancient dragon.

The city is currently ruled by Baroness Skav, a Troll Troubadour/ Wizard, a descendant of the Captain of the Earthdawn. He also mentioned that her aunt handles the day to day running of the city.

Oergesol also recommends a tavern to use as the teams lodgings. He then arranges a schedule for training them how to make the markers and how to place them and how to note them properly on a map.

The Rogue Scholar

A couple of days later the team is summoned back to the Library. The Chief Librarian Merrox wishes to speak to them about certain inconsistencies in their journals. The team is brought back into a private study to see a very old dwarf with a white beard. He begins by telling them there are no records of their Kaer. After a bit of rumbling amongst themselves Merrox continues speaking. He tells them that he suspects that there has been sabotage in the Library. There is a Librarian named Par Darkwood and he has “taken liberties” with his duties. He has also gone missing with property that was being kept safe by the Library. He thinks it may be possible that information in this property contains information on the original Ardanyan.

He them walks over to the door and summons an apprentice scholar, a young human Magician named Rosper. They are informed that the young human will be carrying false documents and he will be going with them. They are to locate and then replace the misappropriated documents with these false documents. Then they are to follow Darkwood to the meeting and find out to whom he is planning to sell the information.

Tracking Through Throal

The team begins the investigation by interrogating the apprentices that have worked with Darkwood. Karabus is able to gain the most information: Darkwood is known to have been willing to take additional fees for research tasks. Also that he lived closer to the gate, which he liked because he frequently spent time in Bartertown. M’lo then learns the following information: The location of Darkwood’s apartment is in the Lower Wedshel. He is also able to verify that Darkwood was taking the bribes for research work.

Further investigation resulted in the team locating the apartment, about an hour later. Karabus used his Astral Sight to determine if there were any traps on the front door and he found none. Everyone else, spent their time looking around the neighborhood and spotted several individuals keeping an eye on the apartment from several locations. They were mostly Orcs, but there were also a couple of humans and they all seemed to be watching the front door most intently, while trying to not look like they are watching it.

Medea suggested that they hire a child to go up to the door and maybe draw away some of the guards.

M’lo suggested that perhaps Medea’s pet Fluffy could burrow from an adjacent apartment into Darkwwod’s home.

Medea then borrowed “Living Sense” from one of her critters, she sensed no one in the house as well as the civilians and the guards on the street.

Rosper seems confused by the situation. M’lo explains the situation to him, but Rosper simply looks at the street toughs and flatly reports that they are not Adepts, implying that they are no challenge for them.

Ultimately it is decided that M’lo and Mazrol will go into the building. There is some of the now standard banter between M’lo and Mazrol as they prepare to undertake their mission. Before they leave Karabus casts the following spells on them: Wizard Mark, Magic Armor, and Dodge Boost.



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