Earthdawn: Leaving the Kaer

A Tale of 3 Ogres

The time was quickly approaching for the team to make their first trip to Bartertown. Before they departed they took the time to identify the many magic items they had accumulated. This meant that Karabus was doing most of the “heavy lifting”. The other made attempts at helping him, but for the most part recited back information that he had already dug up. To his credit, he managed to neither lose his temper or pat them on the head and send them on their way.

When all was said and done he had worked out information for the following team held items:

The Chain of Prosperity
Tiger Bracers
Sharp Eye Goggles
Stalkers Cloak
Weaving Wand

Then he went to work on the newly acquired items:

The Rapier of Wit
The Savage Hides (Hide Armor)
The Unrequited Wave (Currently 2-handed sword)
The Thorn Bow
The Ring Matrix

Unfortunately he was able to put together any information for the set of Robes.

Now that the research was as complete as it was going to get, it was time to leave. The team had managed to get themselves hired on as caravan guards for the trip to Bartertown. The job served the purposes of bringing them to the new town, getting them additional funds, and potential for building their reputations.

Traveling with the merchants was pleasant enough, they were started to get used to being in the outside world now. One afternoon, on what was until that point another uneventful day, an Ogre came out of the wood line crossing the road. He sniffed the air and then turned towards the team and demanded that they give him all their metal. The team looked at each other and decided that they would happily stab him multiple times with their metal and began the attack.

M’lo took the initiative and charged forward shouting taunts at the Ogre. The Ogre moved up and hurled a boulder at M’lo, but was so angered by the taunts that the boulder flew wide. Teledon then moved up and put himself between the Ogre and M’lo, waving his sword and banging his shield, distracting the Ogre. Karabus, from a safe range cast a Mind Dagger at the Ogre, causing him some pain. Mazrol then fired an arrow, further harming the Ogre and then Medea rode forward on Blitz striking the Ogre but doing no damage. The swirl of combat continued with M’lo stabbing the Ogre, followed by Teledon striking the Ogre and then Mazrol shot him for a second time dropping him. Searching the body turns up silver coins.

With the Ogre dead, Mazrol and Medea began looking about for tracks. After a bit of time they are able to locate a cave by following those tracks. Before heading into the cave, the team checks back with the caravan to let the merchants know that a cave has been found and that they are going to investigate. When they go back to the cave, Medea decides to send in Fluffy to scout ahead. Fluffy eventually returns informing her that there are two Ogres in the cave. With knowledge the team moves forward into the cave and engages the two Ogres. In a dazzling display of coordinated fury, the team is able to defeat the two Ogres with minimal harm to only Medea.



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