Earthdawn: Leaving the Kaer

Welcome to Throal

Ogre Mine

The team moved deeper into the cave searching for additional threats. Instead what they found were piles of copper ore and gems. Medea borrowed the astral sight from Foxen, her cat but sees nothing of significance. At the same time Karabus made his own attempt to look around the cave with Astral sight. He didn’t find any threats but he did find something in the piles of ore. Hidden within the ore piles he found six kernels of ‘True Elemental Earth.’

Everyone moved up to the piles of treasure and began loading it into bags. Just then Medea’s pet Fluffy, made a brief appearance and runs at full speed for the cave entrance. Then Kit looked deeper into the cave, screeched and flew away.

Just then a giant cave worm burst through a crevasse in the cave floor. The team looked over and took in the sight of the giant worm and then at each other. They had never had to face anything like this before and had a very brief discussion about whether to fight or flee. While the team was still trying to come to a decision, the worm made up their minds for them. It surge forward and took a large bite out of blitz, causing him to fall to the floor bring Medea to the floor with him. Medea managed to roll out of the way of the attempted crushing attack from the worm, but at that moment the fight was on.

Weapons were drawn and the team moved into place to take on this latest and greatest threat. Medea rolled to her feet making a sweeping attack at the worm and doing some damage, allowing Blitz to regain his feet and leave the area of combat. Mazrol lined up a shot and did a fair bit of damage, followed by Karabus throwing a mind dagger spell at the worm. Both Teledon and M’lo moved into blind-side positions on the worm.

From their advantageous positions both Teledon and M’lo made their attacks hitting the worm for more damage. The worm having been hit from multiple locations makes attacks on both Medea and M’lo, misses both of them. Mazrol taking special care not to hit his teammates fires ago striking his target. Medea attempts to strike with her claws, but the worm writhes out of the way and Karabus attempted casting another Mind dagger to no effect.

Encouraged by his continued success Mazrol lined up another shot this time not only harming the worm, he caused a breach on the creatures armored hide. Seeing a new avenue of attack Medea once again came forward and sank her claws under the armored flesh and tore away even more of the protective hide. This caused the worm to spin on her attempting to take a bite out of her, but she nimbly avoided the attack. Teledon made an attack and missed, but the distraction caused by his attack was enough for M’lo to move in and stab the creature in its now unarmored side slaying the vile creature.

The combat over Medea moved off to attend to her wounded companion and mount.

As the worm writhed in it’s death throes it excreted gems and crystals.

Now that the monsters was dead and the treasure was all gathered up, the team moved out of the cave and returned to the road and rejoined the caravan. There they took the time to catch their breath and take swigs from the Healing Vial.


Three days of travel later and the caravan arrived at destination. Bartertown is effectively a series of Shanty towns, that have been built over the years with the older areas located nearer the outer wall of the Dwarven realm of Throal. It is obvious that there has been little no care or planning involved in the evolution of this stick and canvas sprawl.

The first thing of note is that the Royal Road is the only proper road, the rest are at best glorified muddy alleyways. The businesses that are located in Bartertown are closer to the Royal Road, the rest of the structures are most likely used as residences.

As the team approaches the great Gates of Throal they see an enormous set of the doors. There are two more gates further in with twelve guards at each door. The guards are all wearing the livery of the Royal House.

The team learns from master of the caravan that the Magistrate of Bartertown is a person named Clystone and that the guards stationed on the side streets are his men. They are also told that Clystone is in a struggle for power with the merchants guild over taxes and who runs Bartertown.


As the team passes the third gate, they enter the Great Bazaar. Where they find that many good and services are for sale. They are guided to the Miners guild where they trade in the copper and silver ore that had been gathered in the cave. M’lo stepped forward and was able to haggle with guilds-men and trade all the ore for 800 silver pieces. M’lo then made a different deal for the crystals that were harvested from the worm. During the process the guilds-man asked how the team had come by these crystals and gems, so they told him the story of how they had defeated the ogres and monstrous cave worm. He seemed properly impressed by the tale.

In order to get passed the guards and further into the city the team needs to explain to the guards they are adepts here to participate in the Holiday in the Auditorium. They are given directions and told to behave themselves. They are also informed that there is no slavery in Throal. That dealt with they headed through the gate and deeper into the city.

Now that they are in the city proper, they entered an area called the Dalmot which they found to be a more orderly and structured setting. The taverns were designated by wall murals as opposed to the signs they were used to seeing back home. They also noticed that the people walking around the area were of all races.

They then move into Wedshel, a another part of town. There they find a large marble staircase. From there they find some green areas, where they are able to rest and relax before heading to the auditorium. When they arrived at the auditorium they found a magnificently large building that is estimated to hold about four thousand Name Givers. It appears that King Varulus, Queen Dollas and Prince Neden were in attendance.

Royal Auditorium

The team put their names in with the Librarian in order to get a spot in order to tell their story. As they are sitting in the stands, Mazrol stands up on the bench and shouts, “Is anyone here an Illusionist?” Many people including the rest of the team just look at him, making no comment. A short time later a guard comes over to ask Mazrol if he “will take his seat or would he like to keep shouting?” M’lo laughed and said, “You’ve been ushed.” Moments later the guard could no longer contain his laughter and admits that his is an Illusionist and asks what sort of help we might need. The team goes off with the illusionist to work out their presentation what part the Illusionist would play. The Illusionist’s name is Cronum and he would be paid 10% of the monies earned by the team for turning in their journals.

Many stories are told that day in the auditorium. Some of them are of liberating Kaers, but nothing so exceptional as the tale to be told later in the day by the team. There are T’Skrang that tell stories about their exploits on their riverboats. Usually regarding their collection of a 10% fee for the “River Spirit” most of which seem to wrap up with a combat. There were also stories of slave liberation runs in Sky Point. Trolls told stories about sailing over the Death Sea to mine True Elements. There was also a tale about a town named Eidelon, regarding the T’Skrang and Blood Elves are working against House Ishkarat.

Eventually the team is called up and announced. The King takes special interest, “We are interested to hear what has transpired with our neighbors to the south.” As the performance begins the Illusionist casts the spell Best Face, in order to help the team with the telling of the tale. He then creates the scene. With the assistance of all other members of the team, Karabus gives what can only be termed an outstanding performance.



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