Earthdawn: Leaving the Kaer

Reporting in, Training, and starting up the Hunt

Let's get this started back up!

The party returns to the tavern in Khar Rhuz to report in to their Mentors. M’lo does most of the talking as the mentors slowly become more horrified at what they’re told. The Mentors confirm that Cadavermen are a type of Horror Construct, and are now very concerned about the condition of the Wards.

There is much debate about what the group found and what it means. The only clue that keeps coming up is the Nethermancer’s Grimoire. It is sugested that we bring the grimoire to Ghandjoon and see if she can learn anything from it.

The party then goes to speak to Ghandjoon. Medea stops to get her a present, in the hopes of keeping her friendly toward the party. After some discussion, she is able to give the party the Nethermancer’s Name, Silverbrow. Ghandjoon trades a Spell Matrix Item for the grimoire, which she can use to train an apprentice.

10 days are spent in training. The Mentors offer to train the group for free once again, including strengthening one’s stats.

Once the training is complete, the group moves on to tracking down information on Silverbrow. Initial research shows that Silverbrow had a checkered past. This leads to questions asked in Okoros among the less savory types.

It’s learned that Silverbrow was friends with Mad Angius (The Rogue with the ‘Shortsword of Slaying’). That trail leads to a set of rooms where an amulet of Mynbruje is found. There is blood on the amulet, which brings to mind an incident during the Earthtime Festival, where the dwarf Questor of Mynbruje was found dead in Okoros.

Research into the Questor’s death leads to information that he was likely killed for digging into information on the Gate Cult.

Solace 1, 10 days after training ends, the Mentor’s Group gathers for the procession in which they’ll attempt to exit the Kaer. There is some ceremony, and then the inner gate is opened for the Mentor’s group. Once they’re through, the gate is sealed behind them. Karabus keeps watch on the Astral, to make sure nothing sneaks in.

Shortly after, the Tavern-keep offers to put up the party until the Mentors return.

Five days later, Ghandjoon arrives at the tavern, seeking the group. She then scares all the extra people out of the room. She asks if the group had any word from the ‘travellers’, and upon hearing no, tells the group the following:

There is a place in Okoros called “Upandal’s Hammer”, on the Artisan’s Mile. Once there, ask the patron for the “Special Offer”.

Mazrol retrieves the Mentors’ backup plan, and the group heads to Upandal’s Hammer. Once there, the party finds that the shop is a Tool/Mining Shop. M’lo asks for the ‘Special Offer’, and the shopkeep closes the shop. He then leads the group into the basement, and then through several secret passages, eventually getting to a chamber where two Kaer Guards are waiting for the party. One of the guards leaves and returns with Joran Hardhelm.

Joran tells the group that he has had no contact with the Mentor’s group. They had a means of communicating with the Council, and should’ve reported back by now. The Council is tied up on what action to take next. Joran wishes us to ‘sneak out’ and find out what happened to them. The Mentors went out to slay the Horror. Our ‘unofficial’ job is simply to locate them and learn their fate.

The group starts a list of needed supplies to prepare for their excursion. Requests are mostly rations and backup equipment. Karabus gets time with a Grimoire to learn more potentially useful spells.



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