Earthdawn: Leaving the Kaer

No plan survives first contact

After a bit more planning the team decides that at the very least they need to take the night to heal and rest off wounds. In the morning, Ferhaan informs them that the guard and more likely the Council are not wasting any time, it turns out that they were the subject of the Morning Crier’s announcements. He shows them the wanted posters. A new plan is suggested for the distraction, inspired by the wanted posters. Instead of lighting multiple fires around town, Ferhaan will hire multiple illusionists to move around town changing their faces to look like the team and draw attention that way.

The team continues to discuss the best way to get into the Council House. Without coming to a solid decision, they move through town and get within a block of the Council House and scope out the guards at the front and back doors. Then realization sinks in that they don’t have any way to get guard uniforms, so the plan to sneak in a guards who arrested a couple of the team members is scrapped in favor of fighting in through the front door. After waiting a couple of moments for Karabus to cast Quickened Pace and Wizard Mark on everyone, they put their new plan into action.

M’lo moved around a corner where he can’t be seen and enters his Stealthy Stride and begins moving to get into position behind the nearest guard by the door. While M’lo is maneuvering into position Teledon activates his Wood Skin. While this is going on Medea approaches the other guard with the intention of distracting him, by flirting with him, however he does not appear to fall victim to her charms. Meanwhile, Karabus and Mazrol approach the guard that M’lo is sneaking up on and attempt to distract him. Karabus begins asking “How would I schedule a court date?” and Mazrol begins asking for directions to random locations around town. The guard appears to be confused by the duo enough that M’lo is able to start the fight by stabbing him in the back. It was not enough to take him out, but the follow-up attacks by Karabus and Mazrol take the guard out of the fight. On the other side of the door, Teledon realizes that the guard is not falling for Medea’s flirtations and steps up and strikes him with his sword, following his straight forward lead, Medea grows her claws and strikes the guard as well taking him out of the fight.

With both guards down and out of the fight, they are bound and gagged and left out of the way. M’lo moves up to the door and tests it to find it locked. The door and lock are both impressive and M’lo is able to pick the lock on his second attempt. M’lo then moves out of the way to let Teledon and Medea do their job and enter the room first. When the open the door and move in they see two watchmen on the stairs and on the first landing there is a Captain and a Magician.

Teledon charges into the room to the stairway on the right side and engages the watchman, there is a clash of blades on shields as both warriors take the measure of the other. Mazrol, fires an arrow over Teledon’s shoulder, which is blocked by the watchmen. Medea moves in on the watchman on the stairs on the left side of the room. Her dazzling display of claw fighting action passing his guard and hitting hard. M’lo once again using his Stealthy Stride, also moves in the direction of the left stairs where he will either strike the guard or move passed and make his way up to the Captain and Magician.

After the initial burst of violence the Captain begins shouting orders to his people. Teledon and his watchman opponent continue swinging at each other with Teledon getting the better of the exchange. The Captain begins moving to go and help his man who is fighting Teledon and manages to mostly block the arrow that was shot at him by Mazrol and the Magician cast a spell at Medea striking her with a green beam of energy hurting her quite a bit. M’lo continued moving in on the left side and seeing damage caused by the Magician determined that he had to be his main target.

Teledon is now pressed fighting both the initial watchman and the Captain. It is a swirl of blades and shields, if anyone is hit it is nothing worth noting at the moment. Mazrol once again lines up on the Captain and fires into the swirling melee and manages to hit his target, only to have the arrow defeated by his armor. On the other side of the fight Medea strikes her opponent takes him out of the fight. As the guard slumps down the stairs Karabus is moving into the center of the room and hears the Magician begin to cast again and realizes that he is an illusionist and shouts that to the room. Medea, who will no doubt be his target looks him the eye and smiles as the now anticipated illusion harmlessly cascades over her. M’lo moves past the slumped and bleeding guard and maneuvers himself behind the Illusionist. Heartened by the revelation that the enemy caster is an illusionist, Medea charges him and hits him with a solid strike as he casts another spell at her. However, this time it was a true combat spell and not another illusion and she is hurt once again. With the spell barely past his lips, he screamed in pain as the very patient M’lo, finally in position stabs him in the back causing a serious wound.

Realizing exactly what a dangerous position he was actually in, the Illusionist moved and put himself back to back with the Captain and the other watchman and then cast another combat spell, this time at M’lo wounding him. Medea follows the Illusionist and takes a swing at him and ducks out of the way. Teledon and his opponents continue their swirling dance of steel, blades ringing off shields, with the addition of Mazrol once again shooting the Captain with the arrow once again bouncing off his armor. Just when it looked like the fight was wrapping up two new watchmen burst in through the main doors. Medea took the distraction offered by those guards making their entrance to take a swing at the Illusionist, tearing his head off and sending it bouncing down to the first floor, which caused one of the guards to stumble over the head and drop his bow. The other new watchman side stepped his comrade and shot Karabus, who was still standing in the middle of the room.

The stumbling guard finally gained his footing and drew his sword and took a swing at Karabus, hurting him slightly. The guard who still had his bow, elected not to fire into the melee combat where his comrade had engage Karabus and instead turned his attention on Mazrol and fired at him, who was also shooting at him. Both archers skillfully side-stepped the others arrow. Medea and M’lo decided to help Teledon and moved into the previously mentioned swirling dance of steel, Medea the obvious threat was the target of the watchman who missed her, but in doing so left himself open to M’lo’s attack. Teledon likely thrown out of his pattern, now only having to fight one man is struck and wounded by the Captain and only strikes his shield.

The scrum on the stairs continued, lots of swinging and blocking and dodging, no one gaining the clear advantage. Both archers continued their duel of firing and dodging. It finally broke when Karabus cast a spell at the Captain driving him to his knees. The team seems heartened by this turn of events, Teledon avoids the errant swing from the Captain, Mazrol dances out of the way from the sword wielding watchman on the first floor and then shoots him with an arrow taking him out of the fight. Clearly feeling left out of the engagement the archer shot at Mazrol only to waste yet another arrow. M’lo swung at the watchmen and distracted him long enough for Medea to strike and kill him as well.

The fight now is the Watch Captain vs. a wounded Teledon, a wounded Medea, and a wounded M’lo and a Watchman Archer vs. Mazrol and Karabus…



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