Earthdawn: Leaving the Kaer

Hunting Darkwood

Darkwood Apartment

M’lo and Mazrol approached the door and two of the toughs step up to block their path. There is back and forth banter along with some effective taunting on the part of the toughs.

Mazrol decides to take matters into his own hands, as it were. He decides that he is going to make the first attack. He attempts a headbutt attack on the tough closest to him, unfortunately he misses, but the fight is on.
The rest of the team who had been hanging back and watching the show realized that a fight was about to start and got themselves into position.

Medea stepped out from her hidden position and attacks one of the toughs and knocks him out with one punch. Seeing that one of the toughs loses his nerve and runs away, the rest of them stand down. The toughs who had intercepted M’lo and Mazrol stop talking and gawk at the one punch knockout. Seeing the look in their eyes M’lo simply smiles and them and begins questioning them.

Through the questions asked M’lo finds out that Darkwood had hired them to watch his place, but they definitely were not paid enough money to tangle with adepts. M’lo then makes the toughs a job offer, they will continue to watch Darkwood’s home and act as if they are still working for him, but will report to the team instead. The toughs agree to the new working arrangement.

The new arrangement now in place M’lo steps up to the door and picks the lock and as he is opening the door he looks back at the toughs and smirks. The inside of the home is orderly and the team moves into search for any clues. Teledon, finds a flyer in the fireplace it is mostly burned and the only thing that can be read is “…River”. Karabus finds some stuff that can be used with Mazrol’s tracking talent. He hands them to Mazrol who smiles and says “This will do”

Mazrol puts the assembled bits and pieces into a small bag and attaches one end of a string to it and the other end of the string to an arrow and conducts his ritual. That done, the teams leaves the home and begins tracking Darkwood. As they exit the home M’lo speaks to the leader of the toughs and agrees to pay half of the promised fee now and the other half plus a bonus if they are still doing their job when the team returns.

The team makes their may through the streets following Mazrol. They eventually made their way into the Grand Bazaar and then into Barter Town. Wandering around following Mazrol, they finally find the “Dark River” a renowned “house of ill-repute.”

The Dark River

When they enter they find a dimly lit room full of smoke and there are ladies dancing on the stage. The tables are full of name givers trying to “mind their own business.” When the team steps into the room, all eyes are drawn to them. The other thing the team notices is that everyone watching them have also shifted themselves so that their weapons could be easily drawn.

Karabus then took a look at the room with Astral Sight, since Darkwood is an Adept it should be easier to sort him out in the room. He finds some minor magic items, but no adepts. Rosper, who clearly has not spent much time outside the Library, asks who the merchants at the stage are and why aren’t they collecting the clothing they are paying for.

Teledon waves over a server and asks her, “Hello citizen, I’m looking for criminals.” Hearing this three people got up and left the building.

Medea decided to get into a better position for when the fight started. She made her way up on the stage and begin dancing. She did manage to get some attention, some money is thrown and two men in particular are paying intense interest.

M’lo took Rosper by the elbow and guided him to the bar and sits him down taking the seat next to him. He then began talking to the bartender, “Hi there, I’m helping my friend here locate his cousin, There is a matter of an estate that needs to be settled.” The bartender seemed to get what M’lo was getting at, and indicated that he could put them in touch with a guy who knows people, Derfillion.

Then Mazrol walked up to the bar and said, “So, I’ma guard looking for a guy.” That’s when the fight started.

Bounty Bar Fight

An archer takes a shot at Teledon and misses.

A Watchman stepped up and took a swing at Teledon and also missed him.

Medea moved with speed to attack the archer that had taken the shot at Teledon. She hit him and knocked him to the floor.

Rosper saw someone coming up behind Mazrol and threw a spell that went wide.

As the spell went by his head, Mazrol looked around himself and realized that he was surrounded. He hopped up onto the bar and then used “windcatcher” to land gracefully and then fired at one of his would-be attackers hitting him hard enough to knock him down.

A second archer backed away from Medea, putting himself up on the stage, and fired at her and missed.

M’lo, stood up from his bar stool and drew his sword. He moved in and attacked one of the attackers and missed.

The man who had just been shot by Mazrol, stood up and then leaped over the bar.

The man that M’lo had just attacked returned the favor, by swinging and also missing.

Karabus cast Mind Dagger at the man fighting M’lo and hits him.

Teledon swung at the opponent in front of him hitting. The man behind Teledon hit him, to little effect.

The second archer took another shot at Medea from his position on the stage. The arrow bounced off her armor, she hardly noticed.

The first archer used that distraction and jumped up, ran and over over the bar.

Teledon adjusted himself, so that he might have an even chance of defending himself from the multiple opponents, and then hit the man in front of him knocking him to the floor.

Mazrol realized that he was behind the bar with multiple enemies, jumped up onto the bar and shot the man he had previously hit and killed him.

Medea leaped a great distance and landed on the other side of the bar and as she landed took a swing at the first archer, but she missed.

The man fighting M’lo swung at him and hit for a small amount of damage.

Karabus cast at M’los opponent again and hit. M’lo also swung at the same man and missed.

The man on the other side of Teledon took a swing and missed as Teledon slipped the strike.

Rosper threw another “Ice Mace and Chain” at the man fighting M’lo. It wrapped itself around him and explodes, sadly doing very little damage.

Teledon’s other opponent attacked and missed him.

M’lo successfully maneuvered to attack his opponent and hit him, but the strike bounced off his armor.

Rosper tried to cast again, but was not able to grasp the threads of magic to successfully weave them into a spell.

Karabus cast another spell, this time at one of the men who were fighting with Teledon. Hit and hurt him, but the man maintained his feet.

Teledon then struck the same man that Karabus has hit with the spell and hurts him as well.

The first archer took a shot at Mazrol and missed.

The second archer took a shot Rosper hitting and doing some damage.

Medea leaped again and attacked the first archer and knocked him out.

The man fighting M’lo took a swing and missed.

The second man fighting Teledon, managed to get behind him again but missed with his attack.

Hearing Rosper shout in pain, Mazrol looked around the room and spotted the second archer and shot at him. Which caused him to dive out of the way.

Teledon again moved out of his disadvantaged position and also swung at one of his opponents and nearly killed him.

Mazrol, judging where the second archer would be when he came out of his protective dive aimed and let fly. Somehow the man managed to avoid being hit again.

Medea who watching the second archer shoot Rosper and how he dodged the arrows leaped the distance over tables and up onto the stage.

One of the men fighting Teledon hit him with an attack, but it bounced harmlessly off armor.

Karabus cast at that man that had just hit Teledon and killed him.

The second archer, now more concerned with a very angry looking Medea backed up at speed and fired at her but missed.

Rosper successfully cast another spell at the man fighting M’lo and knocked him unconscious.

With no other target, M’lo moved back over to his seat at the bar and said to the bartender, “So about the gentleman you were going to introduce me to?”

The second archer suddenly realized that he was the only one of his side of the battle still standing, dropped his crossbow and raised his hands.

Karabus looked at the archer and said, “It’s your lucky day. You may leave.” The archer considered leaving immediately, but looked down at his crossbow. Karabus sighed and said, “Yes. Take your crossbow.”



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