Earthdawn: Leaving the Kaer

Called to the Carpet

Presenting Evidence

Joran returns to the team and with him is the Elementalist Sham’sin. They want the young adepts to show them the entrance to the Kaer they had found during their escape from City Ardanyan. Karabus explains to them that the area is layered heavily with illusions. It may be difficult to find, but they will do their best.

M’lo leads this extended group back into The Deeps, using his skills to aid them in avoiding the mobs still hunting for the team. After some searching they are able located the area and prove to the two leaders of the Kaer that there are illusions by stepping back and forth through them. Sham’sin mediates for a bit and determines that the illusions have been tied into the Kaer wards, allowing the wards to be tricked into thinking they were working. Sham’sin, then declares that it could have always been worse, it appears that the area is clear in the Astral Space, which means that there have been no Horrors.

Karabus informs Sham’sin about the fall of the two passions and their new “Mad” personas. Karabus seems to be making headway with Sham’sin and senses that he will be on our side going into the meeting. On the way back Sham’sin asks many questions about what the outside world is like. Everyone takes their turn telling their stories and offering tips and suggestions.

Council Politics

In the Council Hall the Councilors and Elders arrive and prepare for the Inquiry. In addition to Joran Hardhelm and Leldrin the list of those in attendance:

  • Governor Garhn Andur of Okuros
  • Haragasun K’tan Vross
  • Ambassador Joran
  • Sham’sin
  • Ghandjoon
  • Governor Asandel
  • Ambassador Gathleen Velidien
  • Governor Kolgan Redbeard

The Inquiry begins with an opening statement from Leldrin. He speaks about himself and his time in service to the Kaer and in doing so works at building up his relationship with the members of the assembly.

M’lo then steps up and drawing up his skills as an actor, tells the tale of what the team has done recently. He is hoping to establish the teams credibility with the Assembly.

Medea then steps up and makes her plea directly to Governor Andur and she appears to make some headway.

Karabus then stands up and makes an impassioned speech. He mentions the original group that first ventured forth on what we have been told was an ill-fated encounter with a Horror. He then mentions second group sent out to the world, those that are the mentors of the team. He then puts out the items that were found on the Alter of Raggok. His speech and presentation of objects plays amazingly well all those in the whole room.

Mazrol then takes his turn and attempts to sway Governor Redbeard, unfortunately he manages only to annoy him.

Leldrin takes to the center of the room again and tries to enspell the whole room, but it doesn’t effect them all.

As Leldrin moves from his place, M’lo replaces him and begins speaking. He talks specifically to Governor Andur and Haragasub K’tan Vross, telling them about how their are holes in the wards of Okuros.

After M’lo, Teledon steps up with a bag of coins that were collected from the outside world. Teledon explained that there would have been no way for us to have gathered these coins with minting from an outside if we had never been outside.

Medea then takes the floor and addresses Governor Redbeard and she makes some headway.

When Medea steps down, Karabus then steps up and addresses the Elves from Shal’Minar, talking about how select people are being taken out of the kaer to live happy lives and the rest of them are being left inside to rot.

Mazrol, after his last attempt, steps up once again and speaks to Governor Redbeard and once again he does not do well.

Following Mazrol, Leldrin steps up and begins addressing both the governor and ambassador of Shal’Minar.

M’lo then steps to the center of the room again. He looks around the room and then addresses those same two that Leldrin had just spoken too. He talked about how the last prison he was in was when he and his team were rescuing their mentors, who were arrested and beaten under the false charge of Slavery. Teledon throws down the bag of gold as evidence of the truth of M’lo’s words. With this last bit of evidence given, the “room is won” and of those in the assembly side with the team.

The Traitor Revealed

Joran then gets up and makes a statement accusing Leldrin of layering illusions over the tunnel from the Kaer to the City.

Leldrin in a final attempt to save himself addresses the room, causing people passively sit and listen. He made a speech looking down on them and being dismissive towards the Assembly and then he tries to leave.

Then the action starts:

  • Teledon, jumps up and strikes at Leldrin
  • Karabus, casts Mind Dagger
  • Mdedea, hits him and wounds him
  • Mazrol – Shoots and ‘pins’ his robes to the wall

In the middle of all this activity and aggression in his direction Leldrin points his finger at Joran and calls to him “You Traitor!!!”

Joran then blanches and dives off the stage and runs through the crowd attempting to get away.

  • Teledon, strikes Leldrin again and cuts him down.
  • Mazrol moves over to Leldrin to check if he’s dead and decides that he is in fact dead and not pretending.

M’lo then asks Ghanjoon to come over and verify that Leldrin is in fact dead or if he is running away under and illusion. She confirms that he is in fact dead.

About 20 minutes later the body of Leldrin becomes the body of Joran, everyone is surprised and distressed. Ghanjoon weaves threads and brings him back to life.

Leaving the Kaer

Joran begins making speeches about making preparations to leave and go to the surface.

M’lo suggests that perhaps there should be a new holiday.

Once everyone has packed all their belongings for the journey to the surface, they all joined each other for the ascension. As they stepped outside the people are amazed by the sheer size of the world, many had feelings of falling up. The adepts however, felt something extra.

- Ghanjoon is rushed by all the local spirits.
- Sham’sin became more attuned with the elements

It is explained to the team that based on their lower Circles they were not terribly overwhelmed, unlike the whole lot of the higher circle adepts.

Once everyone had recovered from the overwhelming sensations of either the vastness of the world and/ or adeptual connections, they all marched down to the city. When they arrived they found out that the City Council had run away with most of the treasury. Along with them, most of the 3rd watch was also gone. It was known that the 3rd watch were Adepts for the most part and also the members of the city watch most loyal to the council.

As things begin to settle, Ferhaan invited M’lo to his estate for a conversation. At the end of the conversation he handed back the firing pins for the Fire Canons. Medea was also informed that Blitz was being stabled at his estate.

A day after everyone had been “crammed” into the city two airships arrive and a couple of dwarves come down into the city. The Dwarves asked for Teledon and talk with him about the reports he had sent to them previously. Teledon offers to take them to the New Council.



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