Earthdawn: Leaving the Kaer

Ascention Day

The 11th of Sollus, TH 1505, the day when Kaer Ardanyan returned to the world.

Adjustment Period

In Ardanyan, the year has been a busy one. The confusion and chaos caused by doubling the population ran rampant for weeks. The Throalic airships overhead maintained a tense peace for the short time they investigated the reports of the Cult. Reforming the Government and the Town Watch was the first priority for reestablishing some level of civility, and once achieved, the airships departed to allow the town to work it out for themselves. Once the flying guardians were gone, small riots started to break out as tempers flared, and cultures clashed.

The gates were shut to merchants for the first time in memory. The lines of caravans, and grumbling merchants, threatened to reach back to Bartertown. The T’skrang merchant house of V’strimon were particularly vocal with their displeasure at having ships trapped North of the city. One enterprising ship did not stay idle, and offered merchants ferry service across the river, at a hefty fee.

With the loss of the Traitor Council, many of the fine estates of Hangside were abandoned. After some investigation and searching, these estates changed to common houses for all who wished it, or family estates for the larger families of the Kaer (Dwarf, Orc, and Human predominantly).

The Obisidiman Caedrus, happy to reunite with two of his Brothers, opened his estate for any of the kaer to be welcome. However, as his estate does not offer much protection from the elements, few accepted his offer for long.


The New Council was created, representing interests of both factions of the town.


Of the Kaer Council:

  • Marliena Swordsinger – Human Troubador & Swordmaster. Formerly of Okoros
  • Kolgan Redbeard – Dwarf Troubador. Formerly of Khar Ruz
  • Sham’Sin – Elf Elementalist. Formerly of Shal’Minar.

Of the Townsfolk:

  • Hchal’Tssan – T’skrang merchant. Owner of the Red Raven Inn of Landside. Representing House V’strimon interests in the town.
  • Klanik – Human Warrior. Former First Watch guard of the Ring. Leader of the revolt against the Traitor Council.
  • Arraskan Sanabar – Human Archer, of Hangside. One of the original investors of the Town.

The new Council had several challenges to overcome. The empty coffers of the town were offset by the materials saved up over the Scourge within the Kaer mines. This helped to establish a more even political footing for the Kaer immigrants. Now able to pay their (previously unknown) debts and employees, the Town Watch was merged with the Kaer Guard, and with some semblance of order, the town re-opened itself to business.

Attacks on all Fronts

The merchant line attracted the attention of the Skull Warg tribe. The Scorchers quickly became more and more brazen in their attacks upon the merchant road. Giving the Second Watch outriders more than they could keep up with. With the help of the Adepts of Kaer Ardanyan, and their newly liberated airboat, the town watch is able to improve their response time, and expand their protection.

No sooner had the town secured one border, it was threatened by another. Above.
The Troll Moots of the Throal Mountains descended in their air ships, and tested the strength of the reformed town. Dropping out of the sky, wreaking havok within the city. The fire cannons on the Council Hall found their range limit when attacking airborne targets. In the end, Spilvan the Red, formerly of Okoros, challenged their leader to a duel. This was accepted, but they withdrew to an airship deck to engage each other. Minutes later, Spilvan was returned to the ground, and the airships left without further difficulty.

Ardanyan had once again secured it’s place in the world as a safe haven for trade.

Gahmil, TH 1506

There is an open invitation across Barsaive for people to celebrate Earthtime within Throal. Adepts are especially welcome to share their adventures to be entered into the Great Library of Throal. In addition to this honor, they shall be given a monetary reward in relation to the greatness of their entries.



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