Earthdawn: Leaving the Kaer

Watching the neighbors house while they are away

The team sits around the manor house trying to decide how M’lo and Gigan can best stop the effects of the poison. Medea treats Gigan and he then purges the poison from his system. She then attempts to treat M’lo, unfortunately he only got worse, the poison will eventually fade, but it has ravaged his body.

The wax butler greets the team and welcomes them to the manor house. It is their best guess that he belongs to the house rather than to whomever resides there. M’lo asks the butler if the Magical Sextent is within the house and he says “No”. M’lo then asks if they have a place in the manor house where they store their food and water and is informed that the current residents all seem to carry their own food and water. He also mentions that the more experienced residents are expected to return to the manor house before sundown.

Mazrol asked the Wax Butler if he would lie for the team, with regards to their having been there inside the manor house. The butler’s answer was essentially, “No”.

Mazrol, then lead the team outside of the manor house where they discuss his plan to hide the bodies and have Blitz crush said bodies, so that they could not be used later as undead. The team agrees to the plan and then begin thinking about where the team could find a place to hide and wait for the cultists to return.

The team decided to use the manor house across the street. Medea and Mazrol clear a path through the vines. Once inside the team begins working on healing their assortment of wounds. M’lo took a drink from the healing via, which cures one of his wounds as well as some of his physical damage. M’lo then chased that drink from the threaded potion by drinking a standard healing potion. After all that and still not being completely healed, M’lo asked Medea if she could use her “Blood Sharing” ability in order to get the best healing effect for the entire team. Medea checks on the health of the entire team and decides that she will uset he ability and by doing so healing the entire team.

When all the healing was complete, M’lo beds down for the remainder of the night. Mazrol and Medea the decide that they will keep the watch. Mazrol took the first watch and kept an eye on the manor house across the street. Fox the Cat is set to wander about, doing recon. After nightfall several forms start entering the manor house grounds. There are very few light sources. A good number of that group appear to have the disconcerting shamble of cadaver men, and it appears that they are dragging bodies with them. As the group moves down the pathway from the gate to the manor house, it appears that they are dragging bodies.

As he is watching the group move around on the other side of the street, Mazrol can hear a loud and angry voice from the manor house. Then he sees some forms come out to the well as well as another group making a circuit around the building.

In the morning, as the sun rose above the enemies home, the members of the team begin waking up. Now that they are fully healed of damage and wounds they begin to make decisions on what to do for the day. While they are making their decision Mazrol tells them all a bunch of information he has remembered about Errin.

The team speands three days at the manor house watching for additional activity and seeing absolutely none. M’lo snuck across the street to the manor house and investigates. He moved through the grounds and eventually made his way around to the back of the house and looked through the hole in the wall. He was able to determine that there was no one around, except of course the Wax butler, who did not appear to notice him. M’lo did notice that there were some items that had been removed from the alter.

M’lo then went back across the street and reported his findings to the rest of the team. Mazrol then checked his ritual of finding, which resulted in no definate location for the cultists. Having nothing else to go on, M’lo decided to sneak back across the street and investigate further. He made his way into the house and once again did not appear to be noticed by the wax butler. He then made his way upstairs, finding that most of it looked rundown. The tables appeared to have been cleaned and used recently. He then made his way into the bedrooms and began searching through them.

In the master bedroom, M’lo found papers tucked into the false bottom of a drawer. Reading them, they were notes on a couple of meetings: Fall and Spring. The most recent one (Fall) Mangalin and Errin – Parlainth, build cult of Ragock and find more about Akashic Record in the Western Catacombs. Leldrin and Jaina are Blood Wood worked on sabotaging the relations with Throal. Finally, Argethiel and Farethiel – Travar, they are supporting Therans against Throal. Argethiel is attempting to become one of the three Magistrates.

Cultists, bet you can't beat just one

The team headed out to work on their deal with Charcoalgrin, of hunting down the cultists. They decided to start by going back to the site of the previous combat. They searched around to see if there might be any signs they could pick up, which would lead them to others in the cult. They were unable to find a sign on their first look-around.

They then decided to look over the bodies of the cultists, which were still laying in the street where they had been cut down. While going through their belongings, it was found that each of the dead cultists carried a symbol that looked like the symbol the team had found in the basement of the Ardanyan town hall.

After discussing what to do next, Mazrol used his Mystic Pursuit talent, on the item. After a bit of dizziness, he was able to determine the direction and the team headed north-west. Following Mazrol, the team finally arrived at the gate of a broken down manor house, that someone had obviously been making some improvements upon.

When they looked through the gate, the team could see an archer leaning against the one of the columns near the door. Medea knocked on the gate to get the attention of the archer. When the archer looked towards the gate he asked what the team wanted. M’lo then stepped up and began speaking to the archer. M’lo told him that the team were other members of the cult from the south east quadrant, boldly displaying one of the recently acquired symbols, and that they had been instructed to bring their boss a magical sextant.

The archer checked with someone inside the manor house to see if it was okay to let the team through the gate. When he got the okay, he walked down and opened the gate and let the team inside the manor grounds. As the team walked down the stone path, they made small talk with the Troll who seemed to be in charge. He told the team that the boss, Errin was on his back to the manor house. Hearing that name, Mazrol recognized it as belonging to the Elf Warrior from Ardanyan who was part of that first group to venture forth and never came back.

While M’lo was walking up and talking with the Troll, he was able to conceal his rapier. When he was in range, the troll asked him to see new thread item. M’lo started the fight by stabbing the Troll with the concealed rapier and nearly killed him with that strike. The rest of the team then leaped into action and took the fight to this second batch of cultists. When the fight was over the cultists were dead and the team was all wounded, and some were poisoned. They stepped into the manor house and were greeted by a ‘wax’ butler who welcomed them into the house.

Talking to a Dragon

So… M’lo broke his arm. He asked me to take notes. Here goes.

After rescuing some beings from undead, we had a conversation with Captain Ribunatt, who is apparently a gargoyle (not a Namegiver). He is a member of Charcoalgrin’s Unforgivables. He and his group checked out our thread items, comparing them to a list of items they were looking for. We told him our business (wanting to visit Charcoalgrin and to find the scepter) and chatted briefly about etiquette.

We were given an audience.

Conversation started with the magics of Parlanth.
- Horrors taint the astral around them.
- Untainted space has a resilience to the horror.
- In the end, more corrupted the space, the more powerful horrors can exist there.

There was not a breach persay, She believes something went amiss in the castings to hide the Kaer, or some agent of the horror was in the city after the ritual completed and opened a door for them. The Horrors then played with their food for a little while before killing the Namegivers of Parlainth.

She believes the ritual worked. She thinks an inside agent brought in the horrors. She was the one who taught Eyripemes, the magician who performed the magic to protect Parlainth. Unfortunately, she was away during the ritual and it left without her. (I wonder if that’s why her Unforgivable’s are searching for thread items.)

She is looking for some evidence of her student since the ritual.

We shared with her the full story of our Kaer, including names and the cultists of Mad Passion Raggok (used to be Roshamon). Ardanyan was founded on top of a temple of Roshamon before the scourge. Is it possible these cultists are the ones responsible for attacks on her Unforgivables?

Mangalin used tomes he bought from a trader that were said to have originated in Parlainth. Then he heard of the possibility of more tomes in Parlainth, he likely came out and may be here now.

Karabus asks about experimentation that may have occurred. CG, suggested that they might be performed under the area where the Falsemen play their games. It wouldn’t be under any of the populated areas such as here and the slums to the east. It is possible that defenses beneath the city may exist today. She has checked those places for her student, with no luck.

Her student was gifted with theory more than practicality.

She is willing to help us find the scepter if we are willing to defend her people from the cultists. Her people are good at finding things when they don’t need to worry about fending off cultists.

She asked if we had any other contact with her race. I mentioned Rosper the Drake. Apparently drakes are simulacrums of dragons. Sometimes they take on their own personality, but are not name givers.

She is seeking a sextant for navigating the Astral. Also, if we find any of the tomes that Mangalin spoke of, she’d like to review them.

In return, she will grant us safe passage for the duration of this agreement. Food and lodging to be no longer than a fortnight at a time. At anytime, the agreement is annulled, we are allowed 12 hours to leave her territory. She gives us badges that we can show to her Unforgivables and will identify us as one of their own. We ask for guides she suggests three.

She and Mazrol have a conversation about her airships. Turns out those airships were designed to sail in the Astral. She wants more. If we find any, she asked to be alerted to their location. (They are ships not boats, much smaller than any other ship in Mazrol’s knowledge. They aren’t covered with kernels of elemental air worked into the hull. There are likely other enchantments covering them, but they are not a standard airship.) These ships are approximately 2 crew, 4 passenger sized. (The perfect size for our group.)

Of Wolves and Wraiths

The team arrived on the scene in order render help at the request of Grishna, Medea’s trainer. There is a ground fog, many dead Storm Wolves and four Wraiths. Within moments the team entered the fray on the side of the wolves.

The fight progressed and when there was finally one Wraith remaining the team proceeded join the final wolf in “Wolf-packing” that final Wraith. The team began to feel more accepted by the storm. The killing blow is finally dealt by Medea.

Medea then approaches the Storm Wolf to see if she might be able to convince it to join her. She does so by giving it a piece of jerky and and then heals it a bit.

Grishna arrived after the fight was complete. She remarked as to the carnage. She also admitted that she did not know this pack, but that is not surprised that they are here near Parlainth because Storm Wolves like to hunt Horrors.

She then asked the team to help her with all the bodies, which they do. She then asked the remaining Storm Wolf what he wants to do now. He informed her that he would be leaving with his new pack of Two-legs.

Medea then attempted to bond with the Storm Wolf and is successful.

When the team searched the area after all he bodies had been collected they located Kernels of Elemental Air at or near the space which had been occupied by the Wraiths.

Rest, Recuperation, and Reworking the plan

The team made it successfully back to Haven, as a result of Karabus’ flight spell. Once they were all able to display ample ability with their artisan skills. They make their way back to the tavern where they have let rooms. There they rest and recuperate, and while doing so M’lo gained a new Circle of training as a Thief. During their down-time they also manage to purchase more healing potions in order to replace the ones that were used during the last excursion.

The team takes 2 weeks to recover, train, and research Thread Items.

Discussions and Research

Once they were ready to adventure again, they began to discuss where they will being going next. The team went over all the documentation they had purchased from Vardeghul, and the next suggested mission is decided to happen in The Twists. That decision made, they decided that purchasing the “From a Wall in the Twists” from Vardeghul was the next most prudent action they would take.

Knowledge is gained about the Dragon, Charcoalgrin. The most noteworthy information states that she has taken over the Vaults and that she had moved in shortly after the town had reopened. Also that she has many Name-giver minions.

As the time drew closer to heading into the Parlainth the team started discussing the possibility of counteracting the effects of the fountain. After some asking around Karabus turns up the name of the wizard, Hiermon, who may have something that will help them. Before going to find the wizard, the team finally takes the time to discuss bringing Gigan into the group officially. The team explains the name of the group as well as their stated purpose. Now having all this information Gigan agrees to join the team and the ritual occurs to make it official. With that business complete the team heads out to located and have a conversation with the Wizard.

The team located the Wizard in his lab and asked him if he had any items with would counter the effects of the Fountain. He said that he had been working on something, but it was not yet perfected. But if they were willing to use them and report the results, he would be happy to reduce his rate. At that point, M’lo stepped in a handled the negotiations. Hiermons beginning number was 400 pieces of silver per unit and M’lo was able to ultimately bring him down to 260 pieces of silver per unit and with some additional haggling the final price was 1 Air coin.

New Opportunities

Then there was the conversation with Cleotha Splayfoot. The team accepted a mission from her to go into the Vaults and retrieve a scepter for her, before others who were hired by Theran agents can retrieve it. After some negotiation between herself and M’lo she eventually agrees to 12,500 pieces of silver plus expenses.

Later, Medea’s trainer, Girisha Vosior, arrived and asked the team to help him defeat a storm that is fighting itself. When the team go close enough they could hear the howling of wolves.

Into the Smalls

The Laneway

The team decided to head into the Smalls. They go through the gates of Haven just before dawn into the Laneway leading Northwest. The Laneways have been torn up and in need to serious repair. The walls of the Laneway cast shadows over the broken road, making it hard to see anything clearly. The team moved along the road with M’lo checking for traps. He finds a couple blade traps and then a large pit trap. While he is working on disarming all of the these traps the team is attacked by several short creatures, with brains exposed from their cracked skulls.

Karabus identified the creatures as Scurriers, which are minor Horrors. He informed the team that Scurriers love to wander around and set traps. They also feed on the pain, fear and anguish they have caused with these traps. When M’lo disarmed the first trap it fell apart into component parts of stones and other pieces of refuse. It seems that the Scurriers have a magic that allows them to generate traps out of whatever bits and pieces that are laying about.

A fight ensues between the team and the Scurriers. M’lo spends his time disarming the many traps and clearing a path for the team to get engage the Scurriers in combat. Between the martial prowess of Gigan, Medea, and Mazrol and the spell casting genius of Karabus the Scurriers were eventually defeated. When the combat was complete the team searched the Scurriers and found no treasure and then decided to continue on down the Laneway. As the team continues on, M’lo continues to find and disarm traps, until they get clear of the Laneway.

The Smalls

The team then begins looking for a break in the wall, that will allow them access to the Smalls. The team was nearly to the Screaming Fountain, when they finally found a break in the wall. Once inside they noticed that the buildings are tightly packed, but orderly. They decided to consult with the map of the Smalls that they purchased. Mazrol took up the duty of navigating their way around and Medea, was making a map of their own so that they could find their way back out.

Suddenly, the Screaming Fountain, which is only a few hundred yards away, begins screaming and howling. The team all feel a sudden sense of vertigo and the next thing they knew they were all waking up on the ground. They picked themselves up and began looking around. Karabus notes that time had passed because of the multiple hour spells had all lapsed, so he recast them all. Not only that, but they were all also soaking wet, with some sort of clear liquid. Finally, they realized that they were no longer on the same street they had been standing on when the fountain began screaming. It seemed that they had somehow been moved to this new location.

The next order of business was to make their way back to the break in the wall. The team took stock of the situation. They were in the middle of reasonably large thoroughfare which contained a dry fountain in the middle of the street. Mazrol cast his tracking spell in order to find the other half that he had left at the break in the wall as a backup plan. Unfortunately his Talent was not terribly effective. When the Talent didn’t work as hoped, the team decided to find a building with an intact roof and go up top to get a view of the terrain and see where they were.

Karabus decided to cast a flying spell to get a better view and told the rest of the team that they appeared to be several hours deep in the Smalls. Hearing this information the team finds a house so they can get a look for themselves. M’lo once again checks for traps and finding none, waved the team into the building. There is a set of stairs heading to a second level and another door. A squishing noise can be heard on the other side of the door.

Medea decided to head back out into the street using the original door. She stepped into the crossroads by the fountain and sees down the road there is a dead horse, with a man underneath said horse and a Wood Lion having a meal. Medea decided that she was going to attempt to make this Wood Lion a part of her menagerie. Medea moved slowly down the alley and as she did so a second Wood Lion jumps off the roof at her.

Adventures in Haven

The team entered the Restless Troll, it was mid morning and there were already some folks inside eating and drinking. When the door opened the Troll barkeepers looked up from the chores. The female Troll came out from behind the bar and introduced herself as Tyla, the owner of the establishment. Karabus stepped forward and spoke with her acquiring a suite of rooms at the cost of 160sp a night, potentially for a week.

M’lo then introduced himself to her and asked when the team might be able to locate trainers, so that they may be better prepared before entering the city. Tylia thought about the request and then gave him the name of hte first trainer that came to her mind: Linnag, the Orc who had been ‘hitting’ on both Mazrol and Karabus is a swordmaster.

When the team sat down at a table to relax a bit, an elderly Dwarf woman approached the table with a couple of pitchers of drink and a plate of food. She interoduced herself as Cleotha Splayfoot and explains that she is one of the caravan masters in Haven. She then asked where they were from. Several members of the team speak up, all knowing the story by now after telling it several time recently, they never spoke over each other but one would continue where the other had stopped for a breath. They further explain why they are in Haven, and that they are seeking information of how their Kaer was hidden for so long.

Once the team was done with their story, Cleotha then informed them that her caravan is involved in runs from Haven to Throal and back again. She further explained that she offers more insurance and cash on return that other caravan masters who work the same route, up to 25%. Her business is to taked the items from adventurers and then take them back to Throal where there is a vigerous market for such treasures. Whether the items are sold to individuals, shops or at auction, when her caravan returns she brings back the proceeds and hands them over to the adventurer.

When the team asked her about the few organizations that they have already heard mention of, Cleotha answered that she likes the Delvers and their leader and on the other hand offer words of caution regarding the Association of Non-Allied advantures. She then mentioned a group that the team had not heard of, the Grim Legion. They can be spotted by their leather jackets. They are known to hate Horrors and they are not entirely descriminate on their selection of Horror marked people. Once they have taken a suspected Horor marked person into custody, they put them to the question and it is more likely than not that they have put several innocent people to the question. She then moved on to the Blood Wardens, made up of Blood Elves, everyone gives them their space. Finally, she said that she is expecting to see members of the Throalic ‘Exploratory Force’ some day soon. The team confirmed nothing.

She continued with her explanation, many of the realms have representatives in Haven and advanturing in Parlainth seeking for riches and magic and expects that sooner or later one or more of them is going to attempt to lay claim to the place. If there were representatives from Throal present, that might be enough to stave off those attempts. She finishes up her visit by telling the team that her shop front is near Torgac;s Supplies and that she is either here in the tavern or in the shop itself.

When Cleotha left the table, Tyla approached with the food that had been ordered by the team. She also informed them that their suite is on the 5th floor and puts the key, which is attached to a large wooden plackard on the table.

The team decides to wander around Haven and get a better feel for the city, Teledun volunteered to stay behind and guard the gear and treasure. During their wanderings the team learns that Pagnoor Gilt-throat, a Troll Air Sailor, flies a drakkor named the ‘Unyielding’ over the warzone for the purposes of gambling on that days combat. They decided to find Pagmor and while they were looking for him the team came across the leaderboard used for betting on which of the statues is doing what in the war zone. Then they realized that above the leaderboard a very sad looking airship was tethered to the ground. There were holes in the hull, it listed to the side and appeared to be a complete junker. They then noticed Pagmor is standing by the ladder up to the air ship, he was smiling and waving to the crowd.

Mazrol, Karabus and Gigan decided that if they could get up on the ship, they would have a fantastic vantage point on Parlainth. They approached the platform so that they might speak with Pagmor. Mazrol stepped up to speak, he began with asking if Pagmor would be willing to train him further in the ways of an Air Sailor. He then asked if woul dbe possible for he and his friends might be able to go aboard in order to have a look-ss about the city. Pagmor agrees, but very insistantly lays down three rules: 1. The ‘Unyielding’ does not ever land, 2. He (Pagmor) does not do pick-ups or deliveries, and 3. He (Pagmor) does not do rescue missions. His rules stated and agreed up, he aggreed to take the three of them onboard for 100sp per person.

Once everyone was aboard, the ‘Unyielding’ rose to over 100 feet in the air. Crossing over the wall and traveling over the Twists. The team notices that the air temperatir noticably dropped. They also had a clear view of the Screaming Fountain, which had been built atop a pyramid and was full of not water but blood. There are statues placed around the fountain, all but three of them have no hdeads. It is noted that the only statues which retained their heads belonged to the Mad Passions.

When they finally passed over the wall into the air space above the war zone the temperature rose. They also noticed that there were large holes in the ground. Moments later they witnessed a large scale armed conflicts, the whole time Pagmor was busy taking notes.

They then headed over the Vaults and Pagmor mentions that this is the area where the very wealthy used to live and that a dragon, lured by all the wealth, has moved into the area. The team noticed that Pagmor took care to keep the ship traveling along the outer wall. The next section of town they crossed over was the Smalls, Pagmor said that this is where everyone else lived and that under the Smalls is where the Catacombs are located. It is also noted that the ‘Lane-ways’ have seen better days, but they are still able to be used. The journey around the city sections complete, Pagmor tells Mazrol to contact him later about training.

Meanwhile back at the Restless Troll, M’lo approached Linnag to request training. During their conversation the request for training was made by him, there was also some rather overt flirting by her. M’lo attempted to divert her by offering up Mazrol.

At about the same time, Medea headed out to a nearby village in order to find the suggested Orcish Beastmaster and see if he would be willing to train her. Before he even began negotiating with her, he began examining her animals to see how they well they were being treated and how well they all worked together. Finding the beasts and Medea to be acceptable, he agreed to train her.

Once the three team members that had journied over the city with Pagmor came back down to land, Gigan headed over to Torgac’s Supplies and Goods in the hopes of finding a trainer for himself. Gigan entered the store and started scoping out the place for armored guards. While he moved through the store he noticed that the prices on the gear were all over the place with no seeming rhyme or reaosn. He finally asked one of the guards from training, unfortunately he was a calvary man and could not help him fortunately he pointed him in the direction Vatiganns Lore Exchange and told him that there are three Trolls in there that are warriors.

Gigan thanked the Calvaryman and made his way across the street and into the Lore Exchange. He approached the desk where he found a female T’Skrang sitting and reading a book. She looked up and asked him what he wanted. Gigan responded that he was hoping to speak to one of her Troll Warrior guards in the hopes of finding a trainer. She appeared to be both annoyed at being disturbed and disappointed that Gigan wasn’t interested in purchasing any of her valuable Lore. One of the tree Trolls was on duty, he spoke with Gigan and a deal was struck.

Back at the Restless Troll Captain K’Tslade, from the ship upon which the team traveled to Haven, arrived and handed over Mazrol’s cut of the True Elemental Air that he had harvested. The team would have sufficient funds for some time, next was training and then into Parlainth in search of knowledge, riches and glory.

Welcome to Parlainth

The team is still on the airship and start making attempts to gather true elemental air. Given that it is part of Mazrol’s training as Air Sailor, he will be the one to jump over the side of the ship wearing a harness and wielding a net. As Mazrol makes his second leap, everyone hears the loud buzzing noise of two large dragonflies angling for an attack. Medea further identifies them as Prisma, and she suggests obvious solution of “If they don’t have wings they can’t fly.” The team engaged the Prisma in a dramtic, but ultimately successful attack.

Once the fight is complete and the dust has settled, wings harvested and corpses tossed over the rail, Mazrol leaped over the rail again seeking true elemental air. While Mazrol was working the net through the clouds, Medea and M’lo determined that the wings should earn the team the tidy sums of 4000sp and 3000sp.

Mazrol was evetually hauled back up to the deck, at which point he handed over the net to the Captain, so that he might determine how well Mazrol had done with his assigned task. As the Captain takes the net from Mazrol another crew member produced an Oracalcum lined box, into which the contents of the net were emptied. The Captain then stated that “Once we arrive at Haven, we’ll have the elemental kernals put into coins, to that they will be safe for carrying.”

As the airship past over the city the team got their first view of Parlainth. Light colored stones, with a structural tendacy for zigerats. They can also see that the city is divided into four sections. They also see that there is an area with newer construction, this is the city of Haven. The Captain walked over the rail and announced, “Welcome to Haven, mind your purses and mind your deals.” After the initial warning, the Captain then explained the lay of the land.

The Mayor is Torgac, a Troll who was one of the first people in Parlainth.
– Also runs a Supply Store.

Info is power. There are info brokers in Haven,
– Lady Vartagles (female T’Skrang), who was part of Torgac’s team.

He suggests that if the team has got the extram money, they should consider staying at the Restless Troll.
– Owned and run by Talia, also part of Torgac’s party.

The Captain then suggested that theam shoulds stop by the Map Wall, in order to get an “on the ground” version of what is going on in the ruins.

- There is an established caravan route. Haven is neutral territory, similar to Barter Town - This will likely make it difficult to tell friends from enemies. - By the entrance of the town, there are lots of low end taverns and shops.

While passing through town the team noticed an inn named the Loax Legacy.

About this time, the team realized that there was a second T’Skrang walking with them. They stopped in the middle of the street and asked for an introduction. He cleared his throat and bowed.

- His name is Gigan and his a journeyman warrior. - He has been sent up to Parlainth seeking answers. - Shiva-halla (leader of his faction) hasn’t come of age yet, but has the gift of prophecy.

The team accepts his introduction and story as fact until proven otherwise. They then introduce themselves to him.

Gigan is asked about the origin of his shield. Gigan, then tells the story about how it was made from the shell of a giant turtle, which was a friend of his beast master mother.

Karabus, suggested to the team, that before they go into Parlainth, they should get the lay of the land. They hear a female voice say that he is as smart as he is pretty. She is ‘name’ of the Order of Delvers.

M’lo went over to speak with the people who were sitting on the porch of the Restless Troll (a five floor pyramid), asking about the Order of Delvers. He gathered the following information:

- They are well known. - They have been around for a while. - They have rules about how members treat each other. - Their main competition is: The Associatoin of Unaffiliated Explorers

Archianna Smoothskin is a mover and a shaker politically and not happy with the current Mayor.

Training and flying on an airship

While the team is between assignments Karabus spends time looking into the history of the items they are carrying. He conducts his research with the assisstance of the rest of the team.

Some time later the team was considering what supplies they would like to gather before heading out on their next foray into the outside world. They decided to purchase several healing related items: (2) Healing potions, (3) doses of Kelia’s Antidote, and (3) applications of Kelix’s Poultice.

After two months of training and research the team is called to the Master of the Hall of Records. He called the team to ask them if they need any other information on Parlainth or the Akashick record. That question asked, the whole team turned as one to look at Karabus. They hoped their scholar would speak to the other scholar in that special language of theirs with all the really big words. Their conversation was long and detailed and contained information about Ardanian and how and why it had disappeared from the records.

That information now known, Karabus asked if the Traiter Council had any journal entries recorded in the Great Library. The team was informed that there was a journal entry about how they had turned away the Fire Wargs.

Following that there was a conversation about how the Kaer wards were manipulated to keep out of the Spirits that would help the Adepts with training their talents. When that discussion had concluded the team headed off to catch the airship. The airship would serve a dual purpose, it would get them to their next mission location and it would also serve as the final stage of Mazrol’s training.

The vessel flew over land and the team was able to see the rivers and ruins and even some new structures being built by Namegivers now living on the surface. The journey eventually takes the ship over the Kakeric Mountains, where it is bitterly cold. Shortly after crossing into the mountainous region screeching was heard off the starboard bow. The sound was coming from a troop of six foot tall, winged baboons, which were white as the snow on the mountains.

The Ice Flyers moved into range and attacked the ship. The crew quickly reacted to repel these monsterous creatures attempting to board their vessel and since Mazrol was an active member of the crew the team was obliged to help defend the vessel for more than one reason. After a challenging combat the vessel, its crew and the team were alive and well and the surviving Ice Flyers fled the scene.

Later the Captain had another talk with Mazrol. He told Mazrol that he wouldn’t never be a real air sailor until he skims for True Air. The team agreed to the challenge.

The Theran Connection
Rosper goes into business for himself

Rosper’s Interview

After the fighting was complete, Teledon bunked down immediately. Rosper helped him along on his healing by casting several recovery spells on him. Rosper then went about picking leaves off the trees and casting spells on them so that the team would gain nourishment from them, the bonus being that they tasted like meat.

Rosper then asked if he might be allowed to ask the team questions, because he was confused and would like some clarification.

He asked why in several scenarios the team let people live and not just kill people out right. The team explained that in all of those situations there was no reason to kill the people who were already defeated.

Rosper then makes a comment, seemingly off the cuff, about not understanding all the ways of Namegivers. Which is actually caught by all members of the team at varying rates of speed. He is then asked quite directly if he is in fact a Namegiver and he admits that he is not.

It was then that Mazrol recalled the old legends about beings known as Drakes. They are creatures created by the Great Dragons to work as an intermediary between them and the “Younger Races.” Armed with this bit of lore, Mazrol boldly asked Rosper if he is a Drake and Rosper answered affirmatively. He answered further saying that he was in service to the Great Dragon, Mountain Shadow.

This news resulted in quite a bit of murmuring and side conversation among the team. They had, at that point, realized that they were involved in something far more dangerous than it first appeared.

Rosper then began divulging the contents of the documents that they team had been sent to retrieve. The documents contain information about a young girl who has been able to do things with Dragon Magic, which is highly unusual.

He then explained that he would like this girl protected at all costs, because she might be a new type of Drake that are also Namegivers. The other option is that she is Dragon-kin, which would mean that she would most likely be killed by any dragon. Given this new information the team decides that Darkwood should not be allowed to survive the encounter.

Karabus made the argument that the child was in danger and the team protected those who cannot protect themselves. The rest of the team agreed and with that the decision to see this mission through was made.

Darkwood Camp

The next morning, Teledon woke up and everyone is healed enough to continue. Mazrol, then takes out the arrow that was being used to track Darkwood. He once again channeled energy into it, it pointed the way and he started walking, the team followed.

Eventually the team arrived just outside Darkwood’s campsite. Rosper handed the fake documents to M’lo and sent him in promising that as long as he could see M’lo he would help him. M’lo then moved in closer to the camp. During his approach he caught site of a guard moving in the camp, apparently doing a patrol circuit. M’lo altered his approach so that he would be able to keep one of the tents between himself and the guard. Then, timing the movement of the guard, M’lo moved around to the front of the tent he was behind and stepped inside. The resident of the tent was a sleeping elf, he was easily identified as a warrior by his sword, shield. The stolen documents were not found. M’lo then waited for the guard to come back around and once he had passed, M’lo stepped out of the tent and walked silently behind him. The second tent contained a dwarf warrior, but sadly no documents. Once again, M’lo waited till the guard passed, then stepped out behind him and followed him to the third tent.

At this point the guard heard something and spun around on M’lo. The rest of the group sees Rosper catch his breath and concentrate on the scene. Just as suddenly, the guard had not turned around, and was continuing to walk as if he had heard nothing.

In the third tent M’lo struck pay-dirt. This was where Darkwood lay sleeping right next to the warded chest, which no doubt contained the stolen documents. M’lo determined that the only way to open the chest safely was to be Darkwood, so he weaves a layer of threads over his own True Pattern so that it appeared like Darkwoods. With the ward down, all that was left was to pick the lock and then swap out the papers. He did take the time to verify that those pages from the chest were actually the documents they had been sent to retrieve. Once he was convinced that these were the documents the team was hunting, he concealed them and snuck back to the team.

Having completed the first part of the mission, the team hunkered down and watched the camp waiting for morning. With any luck the contact and sale would happen soon. In the morning a T’skrang and an Elf are seen walking through the camp, indicating that Darkwood had five companions and not just the three M’lo ha spotted during this sneak.

Transactions and Reactions

A bit later, a shallow draft boat came into sight. They had come for the meeting, they were Therans, and they had come for the documents. There is an exchange of money for the documents. The Therans then immediately got back on their boat and left the scene. Darkwood opened the chest and doles out the pay to the mercenaries. Money in hand the Elf, that had not been seen until morning, left the camp. On his way out of the camp, he was recognized as one of the elves that had attacked the team when they first made their way from the kaer to Ardanyan city.

One mercenary down, the team put their heads together to make their plan of attack. What they had not realized is that they were one head short. Rosper had gone into business for himself. While the team had distracted themselves making a plan, Rosper had moved off and changed into his draconic form and pounced upon Darkwood, killing him instantly. Rosper then grabbed the chest of money and the shredded remnants of Darkwood and flew away. Seizing upon the shock and awe of Rosper’s attack the team leaped into action.

When the fight was over, the only survivor of mercenary team was the T’Skrang river pirate. He was attempting to crawl away and was interrupted by M’lo who accepted the T’Skrang “offering to the River Spirit.” Which is the traditional admission of defeat and payment of parole.

The team then gathered what remaining treasure there was to be found around the camp and in the possession of the dead mercenaries. Then they headed back to the Kingdom of Throal to report in on the success of the mission to Master Librarian Merrox. They explain how Rosper killed Darkwood and then left with the body and documents. The team also explained the swapping out of the documents and who the buyers were. In return, the team received information about their captors, plus information on the History of Parlainth and the Akashic Record.


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