Throalic Calendar

The Throalic calendar divides the year into twelve months of thirty days each, each month beginning near or on a new luna cycle. Starting with the beginning of the year (ie. January/Midwinter), the months are named:


  • Strassa
  • Veltom
  • Charassa
  • Rua
  • Mawag
  • Gahmil
  • Raquas
  • Sollus
  • Riag
  • Teayu
  • Borrum
  • Doddul

Between the months of Gahmil and Raquas, the Throalic calendar sets aside five days to celebrate the Earth. This five-day holiday reflects the calendar’s dwarf origin. Though the dwarfs use the moon cycle to count the passage of days, they also wish to pay respect to their true home underground. With their preference for subterranean life, the dwarfs seldom see the moon. Indeed, their use of its cycles is more for convenience than because of any spiritual attachment to it.

Throalic Calendar

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