• Ardanyan Council – Group Talisman gained from the Shrine of Raggok under the Council Hall.


Talismans (or Pattern Items) are magical conduits to other Patterns. They do not have True Patterns of their own, but are an extension of the Source Pattern.

Talismans can be used to enhance your abilities when interacting with the Source, or to enhance the abilities of the Source.

The stronger a Talisman is connected to it’s Source, the higher the Thread Rank can become. Most Talismans will only have one Thread.

1 Thread Rank in a Talisman gives you one of the following:

  • +1 Rank in a Talent (can be multiple different Talents)
  • +1 Physical Defense
  • +1 Mystic Defense
  • +1 Social Defense
  • +1 Wound Threshold
  • +1 Durability Rating
  • +1 Mystic Armor

Group Talismans give those in the Group 5 Threads to Weave. Meaning up to 5 benefits may be selected, and raised to Thread Rank 5.


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