A round, steel Footman’s shield, decorated with knotwork patterns across the facing. The central boss is engraved with a design of an open door framing an elven silhouette. A fist and sword crossed below the door. The doorway is pierce-cut through the boss, allowing the light from a Light Crystal mounted underneath to shine through the doorway.


Steel Footman’s Shield: Physical Defese: +2, Initiative Penalty: -1

In the central boss, shining through the ‘gate’ that makes up the group’s symbol, is a Light Crystal.

Group Pattern Threads:

Thread-tied to Telodún. As a group pattern item, it can hold up to 5 threads at Rank 5, which are active when the bearer is working toward the benefit or goals of the group.

  • Thread 1: Mystic Defense, Rank: 1


This shield starts as Iianthanas “Iian” Silverbow‘s shield, crafted just before Earthtime, 1470 as part of his Initiate’s Trials.

On Raquas 9, 1470, Iian dies while sacrificing himself in an attack on the Ardanyan Gate Cult, in order to buy his companions time to escape.

The shield is recovered shortly thereafter by Telodún, when the party returns to take a second shot at defeating the cultists.

Telodún initially returns Iian’s belongings, including the shield, to Iian’s mentor, Elmar Firehammer. Shortly thereafter, Telodún asks if he may bear the shield for the group, as he thinks it’s the most fitting thing he can use for his connection to the Group Pattern he knows the group will eventually make.

On Sollus 6, 1470, the group finally makes their Group Pattern, calling themselves ‘ The Seekers Beyond the Gate’ At that time, Telodún adds the group’s emblem and a Light Crystal to the shield, and names the shield Calaramba, the Wall of Light.


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