Tiger Bracers


Leather bracers with short fur (brownish-green, with black stripes). There are sharp bone spines along the length of the bracers, reinforcing their strength.


The village of Ardanyan grew up around a shrine to Rashomon. It was a quiet, natural place, at the foot of a great mountain range, with a large river coming down from it to feed into the Coil River. Many adepts (mostly Elemetalists and Beastmasters) spent time meditating on the natural beauty, and practicing their natural magics.

A Skeorix threatened the village for a time. The large tiger-like beast tore into the villagers with ferocity, and feasted well for days. The Beastmasters could not cow it, nor control it. In the end, an Elven Elementalist was able to constrain the Skeorix long enough for it to be slain by others. The Elementalist took some of it’s hide and crafted these bracers from it, to remember the occasion, and gave it to his ally, an orc Beastmaster.

Key Knowledges

1) Name = Tiger Bracers
5) Name of the beastmaster who slew the Skeorix = Zochor

Tiger Bracers

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