Chain of Prosperity


A suit of steel chainmail, sized for an elf or human.


Throalic merchants enjoyed the freedom that Ardanyan represented from the Theran empire. They wanted to keep their independent trade route open, so they hired mercenaries to guard the village, and their interests. This armor belonged to one of the better mercenaries of that time.

When the mining began, the mercenary was able to afford the armor to be infused with true earth to strengthen it further. A traveling obsidiman weaponsmith performed the work for him. The smith required true air as well, lest the armor become too heavy for the wearer.

Soon after, during the negotiations with Thera for the Rites of Protection and Passage, the mercenary prevented a spy from entering the Ardanyan representatives chambers, but died of poisoning shortly afterwards. This strengthened the Ardanyans resolve to pay the Therans only in gold, not slaves.

Key Knowledges

1) Name = Chain of Prosperity
5) Name of Weaponsmith = Ibon

Chain of Prosperity

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