Tag: Magical


  • Chain of Prosperity

    h3. *Description* A suit of steel chainmail, sized for an elf or human. h3. *History* Throalic merchants enjoyed the freedom that Ardanyan represented from the Theran empire. They wanted to keep their independent trade route open, so they hired …

  • Minor Magic Items

    * [[Chain of Prosperity]] - Held by [[:teledon | TelodĂșn]] * [[H'nathor's Bulwark]] - Held by [[:gigan | Gigan]] * [[Healing Vial]] - Held by [[:teledon | TelodĂșn]] and [[:m-lo | M'lo]] * [[Imperial Wings]] - Held by [[:gigan | Gigan]] * [[Rapier of …

  • Tiger Bracers

    h3. *Description* Leather bracers with short fur (brownish-green, with black stripes). There are sharp bone spines along the length of the bracers, reinforcing their strength. h3. *History* The village of Ardanyan grew up around a shrine to …

  • Sharp-Eye Goggles

    h3. *Description* Beaten and scratched leather holds pristine glass plates over the eyes. h3. *History* History h3. *Key Knowledges* 1) Name = Sharp-Eye Goggles 5) Name of the Mine that Collapsed = Daken's Folley

  • Stalking Cloak

    h3. *Description* A patchwork cloak of various fabrics and dark colors. h3. *History* History h3. *Key Knowledges* 1) Name = Stalking Cloak 5) Name of who discovered the hidden cache = Pnaki

  • Weaving Wand

    h3. *Description* A pale wooden wand, etched with geometric symbols which taper off towards the tip. h3. *History* History h3. *Key Knowledges* 1) Name = Weaving Wand 5) Key Knowledge = Name of the Riverboat (The Sterlet)

  • Talismans

    * [[Ardanyan Council]] - Group Talisman gained from the Shrine of Raggok under the Council Hall. h4. *Talismans* Talismans (or Pattern Items) are magical conduits to other Patterns. They do not have True Patterns of their own, but are an extension …