Earthdawn: Leaving the Kaer

Welcome to the Jungle

Underworld Contacts

The team is introduced to Derfillion, the man who knows people, by the bartender. The initial offer/ counter-offer did not go as well as they expected, which resulted in additional conversation with the man. While negotiations continued, Medea moved over to the fireplace and saw noticed that there was a great amount of burnt paper. When confronted about it, Derfillion responds, “Just a bit of cleaning up. After all, a few moments ago, the establishment was being raided by law enforcement.”

M’lo once again brought the conversation back to haggling over the cost of information regarding Darkwood. While the haggling was happening Karabus and Mazrol determined that Derfillion speaks Throlic as a second language. Having that bit of prompting, Medea realized that Derfillion is from Thera. She spoke up interrupting the haggling, “You’re not from here are you? You’re from Thera.” Karabus then followed with, “Yes! That’s the accent.”

It was at that exact moment that Derfillion realized that his back was to the wall. He decided to give the team the information they were looking for and said “For the sake of saving face, you paid half the price we were about to settle on.” He then continued with the information, “Darkwood came in looking for the names of who might be interested in buying his information.” Derfillion pointed the team towards the northern tip of the Servos Jungle and he added the final note that Darkwood had hired several toughs to go with him and some of them may be adepts. He then pointed the team towards a horse merchant , which he no doubt either owned or was getting a piece of the proceeds. On the way out the door Karabus paid him 250 silver and thanked him for the information.

The team then headed towards the horse merchant and paid 125 silver per horse, then they hit the road.

Servos Jungle entrance

The first couple of days they moved quickly. Eventually they made it to the tip of the jungle and it became bit more slow going. There were pathways, which were really more suggestions of a path. Medea took the lead and began blazing a trail for the rest of the team. While she was doing so, she began to find that there were webs mixed with the foliage. Jostling the webs had the expected effect, the very large spider creatures known as Jehuthra came to see what was moving through their domain.

The first attack of the combat was the web that ensnared Medea. In answer Mazrol fired at the Jehuthra and missed. Teledon, then moved to attack the second Jehuthra and missed.

Teledon was then attacked and struck multiple times, he was not knocked from his feet, but the Jehuthra did feed on his fear and pain. Karabus, surprised at their arrival, tries to identify what these things are. Medea urged Blitz forward in order to get her into range and she took a swing at a Jehuthra and hurt it. M’lo moved forward to help Teledon.

Teledon, then attacked the Jehuthra and missed, Mazrol aimed at the other Jehuthra and hit it with an arrow. The Jehuthra attacked Teledon missing multiple times, this time it missed, however it still fed on his fear. Medea attacked the same Jehuthra that Mazrol had shot and was able to hurt it a bit. She also sent Fluffy to move underground in order to make a back attack. The Jehuthra having been hurt by Medea attacked her, striking multiple times hurting her and then it spit a frost web at blitz entangling him, and then it fed on Medea’s fear.

At that moment Karabus had a spark of insight and recalled some information about these creatures. “These are Jehuthra, Horror Constructs, created by Horrors during the Scourge when they couldn’t find a decent meal. Striking their thorax should impede their magical webs.”

M’lo then successfully managed to make his way through the jungle and set himself in a position to make a surprise strike on the Jehuthra fighting Teledon. Teledon the struck the Jehuthra, which was then followed by M’lo who made his surprise strike. The Jehuthra who was fighting with Medea fired multiple frost webs at Medea, she suffered frost damage. Mazrol had also been hit and suffered some damage as well. The Jehuthra feasted on Mazrol’s fear. Since that Jehuthra had moved, Fluffy was forced to keep maneuvering in order to get into position for a back attack. The Jehuthra fighting Teledon and M’lo, moved and then fired a Frost Web at M’lo entangling him, fortunately he suffered no damage. It then fired at Teledon also ensnaring him and hurting him. Mazrol aimed and then shot at the Jehuthra that he and Medea had been fighting. Medea then urged Blitz to break out of the web that had tangled him up, once he was free she drove him towards the Jehuthra so that she might attack and kill the creature. Karabus cast Mind Dagger at the Jehuthra that had been fighting Teledon and M’lo. Rosper then cast a spell on the blades of both Teledon and M’lo.

Welcome to my Parlor

The Jehuthra facing Teledon and M’lo then drew a pattern on it’s thorax and then made a circle with his legs and then created a jagged iron maze which trapped Blitz, Medea, M’lo, and Teledon within it and separated from each other. Outside, Mazrol saw a large metal cocoon which took up a 10 meter radius where his friends had just stood. The Jehuthra fed on Medea’s confusion. Mazrol walked up to the cocoon and poked it with a stick and since there was no effect, Rosper suggested that perhaps Mazrol needed to use a larger stick. Karabus attempted to dispel magic, sadly the cocoon is not effected. That failed he opted to use his astral sight on the cocoon and he reeled back from the horror wracked object.

M’lo seeing no one in the area decided to enter Stealthy Stride. Teledon headed down the hallway calling for the team to make their way to him, avoiding the jagged barbs of the web. Blitz headed towards the center and managed to do harm to himself.

M’lo moved with stealth, but still managed to get his armor snagged on the jagged wall. At that moment the Jehuthra emerged from the wall and hits M’lo, who was able to interpose shield and armor, so he was not harmed. Teledon continued to move towards the center calling out to everyone else. Medea also moved towards the center of the steel web maze.

Teledon, who heard M’lo calling for help, moved to help his teammate and encased himself in wood skin. Medea then made her way to the center where she was reunited with Blitz.

When Teledon arrived, M’lo explained that the Jehuthra is able to move through the walls. That information passed on, M’lo moved at speed out of the area, avoiding the barbed walls. No sooner had M’lo passed on the information and left the area the Jehuthra emerged and attacked Teledon wounding him and knocking him down. As Teledon gets up from the ground, his wounds suddenly raged with flames, healing himself. He then air danced, unfortunately he missed with his attack. M’lo took the opportunity to move in, taking some minor damage along the way, he swung and missed. Medea moved upon Blitz and launched herself from his back and killed the Jehuthra with her attack.

As the Jehuthra died the cocoon crumbled and the team was reunited.

Giving the Jehuthra a more thorough inspection Karabus announced that the thorax of both Jehuthra were worth 120 Silver each. Plus the story of killing these Horror constructs would reap it’s own benefits.

Hunting Darkwood

Darkwood Apartment

M’lo and Mazrol approached the door and two of the toughs step up to block their path. There is back and forth banter along with some effective taunting on the part of the toughs.

Mazrol decides to take matters into his own hands, as it were. He decides that he is going to make the first attack. He attempts a headbutt attack on the tough closest to him, unfortunately he misses, but the fight is on.
The rest of the team who had been hanging back and watching the show realized that a fight was about to start and got themselves into position.

Medea stepped out from her hidden position and attacks one of the toughs and knocks him out with one punch. Seeing that one of the toughs loses his nerve and runs away, the rest of them stand down. The toughs who had intercepted M’lo and Mazrol stop talking and gawk at the one punch knockout. Seeing the look in their eyes M’lo simply smiles and them and begins questioning them.

Through the questions asked M’lo finds out that Darkwood had hired them to watch his place, but they definitely were not paid enough money to tangle with adepts. M’lo then makes the toughs a job offer, they will continue to watch Darkwood’s home and act as if they are still working for him, but will report to the team instead. The toughs agree to the new working arrangement.

The new arrangement now in place M’lo steps up to the door and picks the lock and as he is opening the door he looks back at the toughs and smirks. The inside of the home is orderly and the team moves into search for any clues. Teledon, finds a flyer in the fireplace it is mostly burned and the only thing that can be read is “…River”. Karabus finds some stuff that can be used with Mazrol’s tracking talent. He hands them to Mazrol who smiles and says “This will do”

Mazrol puts the assembled bits and pieces into a small bag and attaches one end of a string to it and the other end of the string to an arrow and conducts his ritual. That done, the teams leaves the home and begins tracking Darkwood. As they exit the home M’lo speaks to the leader of the toughs and agrees to pay half of the promised fee now and the other half plus a bonus if they are still doing their job when the team returns.

The team makes their may through the streets following Mazrol. They eventually made their way into the Grand Bazaar and then into Barter Town. Wandering around following Mazrol, they finally find the “Dark River” a renowned “house of ill-repute.”

The Dark River

When they enter they find a dimly lit room full of smoke and there are ladies dancing on the stage. The tables are full of name givers trying to “mind their own business.” When the team steps into the room, all eyes are drawn to them. The other thing the team notices is that everyone watching them have also shifted themselves so that their weapons could be easily drawn.

Karabus then took a look at the room with Astral Sight, since Darkwood is an Adept it should be easier to sort him out in the room. He finds some minor magic items, but no adepts. Rosper, who clearly has not spent much time outside the Library, asks who the merchants at the stage are and why aren’t they collecting the clothing they are paying for.

Teledon waves over a server and asks her, “Hello citizen, I’m looking for criminals.” Hearing this three people got up and left the building.

Medea decided to get into a better position for when the fight started. She made her way up on the stage and begin dancing. She did manage to get some attention, some money is thrown and two men in particular are paying intense interest.

M’lo took Rosper by the elbow and guided him to the bar and sits him down taking the seat next to him. He then began talking to the bartender, “Hi there, I’m helping my friend here locate his cousin, There is a matter of an estate that needs to be settled.” The bartender seemed to get what M’lo was getting at, and indicated that he could put them in touch with a guy who knows people, Derfillion.

Then Mazrol walked up to the bar and said, “So, I’ma guard looking for a guy.” That’s when the fight started.

Bounty Bar Fight

An archer takes a shot at Teledon and misses.

A Watchman stepped up and took a swing at Teledon and also missed him.

Medea moved with speed to attack the archer that had taken the shot at Teledon. She hit him and knocked him to the floor.

Rosper saw someone coming up behind Mazrol and threw a spell that went wide.

As the spell went by his head, Mazrol looked around himself and realized that he was surrounded. He hopped up onto the bar and then used “windcatcher” to land gracefully and then fired at one of his would-be attackers hitting him hard enough to knock him down.

A second archer backed away from Medea, putting himself up on the stage, and fired at her and missed.

M’lo, stood up from his bar stool and drew his sword. He moved in and attacked one of the attackers and missed.

The man who had just been shot by Mazrol, stood up and then leaped over the bar.

The man that M’lo had just attacked returned the favor, by swinging and also missing.

Karabus cast Mind Dagger at the man fighting M’lo and hits him.

Teledon swung at the opponent in front of him hitting. The man behind Teledon hit him, to little effect.

The second archer took another shot at Medea from his position on the stage. The arrow bounced off her armor, she hardly noticed.

The first archer used that distraction and jumped up, ran and over over the bar.

Teledon adjusted himself, so that he might have an even chance of defending himself from the multiple opponents, and then hit the man in front of him knocking him to the floor.

Mazrol realized that he was behind the bar with multiple enemies, jumped up onto the bar and shot the man he had previously hit and killed him.

Medea leaped a great distance and landed on the other side of the bar and as she landed took a swing at the first archer, but she missed.

The man fighting M’lo swung at him and hit for a small amount of damage.

Karabus cast at M’los opponent again and hit. M’lo also swung at the same man and missed.

The man on the other side of Teledon took a swing and missed as Teledon slipped the strike.

Rosper threw another “Ice Mace and Chain” at the man fighting M’lo. It wrapped itself around him and explodes, sadly doing very little damage.

Teledon’s other opponent attacked and missed him.

M’lo successfully maneuvered to attack his opponent and hit him, but the strike bounced off his armor.

Rosper tried to cast again, but was not able to grasp the threads of magic to successfully weave them into a spell.

Karabus cast another spell, this time at one of the men who were fighting with Teledon. Hit and hurt him, but the man maintained his feet.

Teledon then struck the same man that Karabus has hit with the spell and hurts him as well.

The first archer took a shot at Mazrol and missed.

The second archer took a shot Rosper hitting and doing some damage.

Medea leaped again and attacked the first archer and knocked him out.

The man fighting M’lo took a swing and missed.

The second man fighting Teledon, managed to get behind him again but missed with his attack.

Hearing Rosper shout in pain, Mazrol looked around the room and spotted the second archer and shot at him. Which caused him to dive out of the way.

Teledon again moved out of his disadvantaged position and also swung at one of his opponents and nearly killed him.

Mazrol, judging where the second archer would be when he came out of his protective dive aimed and let fly. Somehow the man managed to avoid being hit again.

Medea who watching the second archer shoot Rosper and how he dodged the arrows leaped the distance over tables and up onto the stage.

One of the men fighting Teledon hit him with an attack, but it bounced harmlessly off armor.

Karabus cast at that man that had just hit Teledon and killed him.

The second archer, now more concerned with a very angry looking Medea backed up at speed and fired at her but missed.

Rosper successfully cast another spell at the man fighting M’lo and knocked him unconscious.

With no other target, M’lo moved back over to his seat at the bar and said to the bartender, “So about the gentleman you were going to introduce me to?”

The second archer suddenly realized that he was the only one of his side of the battle still standing, dropped his crossbow and raised his hands.

Karabus looked at the archer and said, “It’s your lucky day. You may leave.” The archer considered leaving immediately, but looked down at his crossbow. Karabus sighed and said, “Yes. Take your crossbow.”

An offer they couldn't refuse

Recruitment and Training

The team is in the waiting room of the Library, they are patiently waiting for the scribes to finish making copies of their journals. After a little while a Dwarf enters the room. He has one eye and is carrying a bow. He is Oergesol, the Commander of the King’s Exploratory Force. Their mandate is to explore the wilderness, find lost Kaers, and seek out whatever else is happening out in the surface world.

His purpose for coming to the Libraries waiting room is to seek out the team. He offers them a job with the Exploratory Force, citing the benefits of Training, Paying for material and the potential of “Special Assignments” from the Crown. He tells them that their primary responsibility would be to place mile markers and to find lost people and send them to Throal. During the conversation he asked what the team had for their immediate plans and they told him they they were planning on heading up to Haven and Parlainth. The team agrees to join up with the Exploratory Force, since they may as well get paid for what they were going to be doing in any event. With the offer accepted, their new Commander gave them each 1000 silver for them to each get themselves kitted out for their first mission. Just then the scribes returned with the journals and the money the team was owed. In the end the team received 2000 silver for the journals and 1000 silver each. They were in a good place for money at the moment.

Now that the team was flush with funds Oergesol informs them that there are two inner cities where they should consider seeking lodgings. He suggests that they stay in Yistane, so that they may become used to “weird.” He tells them some of the local legends of that city, namely:

  • People’s dreams are “lively” and “odd”
  • Mirrors seem to randomly fog up or shatter
  • Seeing in the Astral can be accomplished much more simply there.
  • Rumor has it that when the area was being dug out they found the bones of an ancient dragon.

The city is currently ruled by Baroness Skav, a Troll Troubadour/ Wizard, a descendant of the Captain of the Earthdawn. He also mentioned that her aunt handles the day to day running of the city.

Oergesol also recommends a tavern to use as the teams lodgings. He then arranges a schedule for training them how to make the markers and how to place them and how to note them properly on a map.

The Rogue Scholar

A couple of days later the team is summoned back to the Library. The Chief Librarian Merrox wishes to speak to them about certain inconsistencies in their journals. The team is brought back into a private study to see a very old dwarf with a white beard. He begins by telling them there are no records of their Kaer. After a bit of rumbling amongst themselves Merrox continues speaking. He tells them that he suspects that there has been sabotage in the Library. There is a Librarian named Par Darkwood and he has “taken liberties” with his duties. He has also gone missing with property that was being kept safe by the Library. He thinks it may be possible that information in this property contains information on the original Ardanyan.

He them walks over to the door and summons an apprentice scholar, a young human Magician named Rosper. They are informed that the young human will be carrying false documents and he will be going with them. They are to locate and then replace the misappropriated documents with these false documents. Then they are to follow Darkwood to the meeting and find out to whom he is planning to sell the information.

Tracking Through Throal

The team begins the investigation by interrogating the apprentices that have worked with Darkwood. Karabus is able to gain the most information: Darkwood is known to have been willing to take additional fees for research tasks. Also that he lived closer to the gate, which he liked because he frequently spent time in Bartertown. M’lo then learns the following information: The location of Darkwood’s apartment is in the Lower Wedshel. He is also able to verify that Darkwood was taking the bribes for research work.

Further investigation resulted in the team locating the apartment, about an hour later. Karabus used his Astral Sight to determine if there were any traps on the front door and he found none. Everyone else, spent their time looking around the neighborhood and spotted several individuals keeping an eye on the apartment from several locations. They were mostly Orcs, but there were also a couple of humans and they all seemed to be watching the front door most intently, while trying to not look like they are watching it.

Medea suggested that they hire a child to go up to the door and maybe draw away some of the guards.

M’lo suggested that perhaps Medea’s pet Fluffy could burrow from an adjacent apartment into Darkwwod’s home.

Medea then borrowed “Living Sense” from one of her critters, she sensed no one in the house as well as the civilians and the guards on the street.

Rosper seems confused by the situation. M’lo explains the situation to him, but Rosper simply looks at the street toughs and flatly reports that they are not Adepts, implying that they are no challenge for them.

Ultimately it is decided that M’lo and Mazrol will go into the building. There is some of the now standard banter between M’lo and Mazrol as they prepare to undertake their mission. Before they leave Karabus casts the following spells on them: Wizard Mark, Magic Armor, and Dodge Boost.

Welcome to Throal

Ogre Mine

The team moved deeper into the cave searching for additional threats. Instead what they found were piles of copper ore and gems. Medea borrowed the astral sight from Foxen, her cat but sees nothing of significance. At the same time Karabus made his own attempt to look around the cave with Astral sight. He didn’t find any threats but he did find something in the piles of ore. Hidden within the ore piles he found six kernels of ‘True Elemental Earth.’

Everyone moved up to the piles of treasure and began loading it into bags. Just then Medea’s pet Fluffy, made a brief appearance and runs at full speed for the cave entrance. Then Kit looked deeper into the cave, screeched and flew away.

Just then a giant cave worm burst through a crevasse in the cave floor. The team looked over and took in the sight of the giant worm and then at each other. They had never had to face anything like this before and had a very brief discussion about whether to fight or flee. While the team was still trying to come to a decision, the worm made up their minds for them. It surge forward and took a large bite out of blitz, causing him to fall to the floor bring Medea to the floor with him. Medea managed to roll out of the way of the attempted crushing attack from the worm, but at that moment the fight was on.

Weapons were drawn and the team moved into place to take on this latest and greatest threat. Medea rolled to her feet making a sweeping attack at the worm and doing some damage, allowing Blitz to regain his feet and leave the area of combat. Mazrol lined up a shot and did a fair bit of damage, followed by Karabus throwing a mind dagger spell at the worm. Both Teledon and M’lo moved into blind-side positions on the worm.

From their advantageous positions both Teledon and M’lo made their attacks hitting the worm for more damage. The worm having been hit from multiple locations makes attacks on both Medea and M’lo, misses both of them. Mazrol taking special care not to hit his teammates fires ago striking his target. Medea attempts to strike with her claws, but the worm writhes out of the way and Karabus attempted casting another Mind dagger to no effect.

Encouraged by his continued success Mazrol lined up another shot this time not only harming the worm, he caused a breach on the creatures armored hide. Seeing a new avenue of attack Medea once again came forward and sank her claws under the armored flesh and tore away even more of the protective hide. This caused the worm to spin on her attempting to take a bite out of her, but she nimbly avoided the attack. Teledon made an attack and missed, but the distraction caused by his attack was enough for M’lo to move in and stab the creature in its now unarmored side slaying the vile creature.

The combat over Medea moved off to attend to her wounded companion and mount.

As the worm writhed in it’s death throes it excreted gems and crystals.

Now that the monsters was dead and the treasure was all gathered up, the team moved out of the cave and returned to the road and rejoined the caravan. There they took the time to catch their breath and take swigs from the Healing Vial.


Three days of travel later and the caravan arrived at destination. Bartertown is effectively a series of Shanty towns, that have been built over the years with the older areas located nearer the outer wall of the Dwarven realm of Throal. It is obvious that there has been little no care or planning involved in the evolution of this stick and canvas sprawl.

The first thing of note is that the Royal Road is the only proper road, the rest are at best glorified muddy alleyways. The businesses that are located in Bartertown are closer to the Royal Road, the rest of the structures are most likely used as residences.

As the team approaches the great Gates of Throal they see an enormous set of the doors. There are two more gates further in with twelve guards at each door. The guards are all wearing the livery of the Royal House.

The team learns from master of the caravan that the Magistrate of Bartertown is a person named Clystone and that the guards stationed on the side streets are his men. They are also told that Clystone is in a struggle for power with the merchants guild over taxes and who runs Bartertown.


As the team passes the third gate, they enter the Great Bazaar. Where they find that many good and services are for sale. They are guided to the Miners guild where they trade in the copper and silver ore that had been gathered in the cave. M’lo stepped forward and was able to haggle with guilds-men and trade all the ore for 800 silver pieces. M’lo then made a different deal for the crystals that were harvested from the worm. During the process the guilds-man asked how the team had come by these crystals and gems, so they told him the story of how they had defeated the ogres and monstrous cave worm. He seemed properly impressed by the tale.

In order to get passed the guards and further into the city the team needs to explain to the guards they are adepts here to participate in the Holiday in the Auditorium. They are given directions and told to behave themselves. They are also informed that there is no slavery in Throal. That dealt with they headed through the gate and deeper into the city.

Now that they are in the city proper, they entered an area called the Dalmot which they found to be a more orderly and structured setting. The taverns were designated by wall murals as opposed to the signs they were used to seeing back home. They also noticed that the people walking around the area were of all races.

They then move into Wedshel, a another part of town. There they find a large marble staircase. From there they find some green areas, where they are able to rest and relax before heading to the auditorium. When they arrived at the auditorium they found a magnificently large building that is estimated to hold about four thousand Name Givers. It appears that King Varulus, Queen Dollas and Prince Neden were in attendance.

Royal Auditorium

The team put their names in with the Librarian in order to get a spot in order to tell their story. As they are sitting in the stands, Mazrol stands up on the bench and shouts, “Is anyone here an Illusionist?” Many people including the rest of the team just look at him, making no comment. A short time later a guard comes over to ask Mazrol if he “will take his seat or would he like to keep shouting?” M’lo laughed and said, “You’ve been ushed.” Moments later the guard could no longer contain his laughter and admits that his is an Illusionist and asks what sort of help we might need. The team goes off with the illusionist to work out their presentation what part the Illusionist would play. The Illusionist’s name is Cronum and he would be paid 10% of the monies earned by the team for turning in their journals.

Many stories are told that day in the auditorium. Some of them are of liberating Kaers, but nothing so exceptional as the tale to be told later in the day by the team. There are T’Skrang that tell stories about their exploits on their riverboats. Usually regarding their collection of a 10% fee for the “River Spirit” most of which seem to wrap up with a combat. There were also stories of slave liberation runs in Sky Point. Trolls told stories about sailing over the Death Sea to mine True Elements. There was also a tale about a town named Eidelon, regarding the T’Skrang and Blood Elves are working against House Ishkarat.

Eventually the team is called up and announced. The King takes special interest, “We are interested to hear what has transpired with our neighbors to the south.” As the performance begins the Illusionist casts the spell Best Face, in order to help the team with the telling of the tale. He then creates the scene. With the assistance of all other members of the team, Karabus gives what can only be termed an outstanding performance.

A Tale of 3 Ogres

The time was quickly approaching for the team to make their first trip to Bartertown. Before they departed they took the time to identify the many magic items they had accumulated. This meant that Karabus was doing most of the “heavy lifting”. The other made attempts at helping him, but for the most part recited back information that he had already dug up. To his credit, he managed to neither lose his temper or pat them on the head and send them on their way.

When all was said and done he had worked out information for the following team held items:

The Chain of Prosperity
Tiger Bracers
Sharp Eye Goggles
Stalkers Cloak
Weaving Wand

Then he went to work on the newly acquired items:

The Rapier of Wit
The Savage Hides (Hide Armor)
The Unrequited Wave (Currently 2-handed sword)
The Thorn Bow
The Ring Matrix

Unfortunately he was able to put together any information for the set of Robes.

Now that the research was as complete as it was going to get, it was time to leave. The team had managed to get themselves hired on as caravan guards for the trip to Bartertown. The job served the purposes of bringing them to the new town, getting them additional funds, and potential for building their reputations.

Traveling with the merchants was pleasant enough, they were started to get used to being in the outside world now. One afternoon, on what was until that point another uneventful day, an Ogre came out of the wood line crossing the road. He sniffed the air and then turned towards the team and demanded that they give him all their metal. The team looked at each other and decided that they would happily stab him multiple times with their metal and began the attack.

M’lo took the initiative and charged forward shouting taunts at the Ogre. The Ogre moved up and hurled a boulder at M’lo, but was so angered by the taunts that the boulder flew wide. Teledon then moved up and put himself between the Ogre and M’lo, waving his sword and banging his shield, distracting the Ogre. Karabus, from a safe range cast a Mind Dagger at the Ogre, causing him some pain. Mazrol then fired an arrow, further harming the Ogre and then Medea rode forward on Blitz striking the Ogre but doing no damage. The swirl of combat continued with M’lo stabbing the Ogre, followed by Teledon striking the Ogre and then Mazrol shot him for a second time dropping him. Searching the body turns up silver coins.

With the Ogre dead, Mazrol and Medea began looking about for tracks. After a bit of time they are able to locate a cave by following those tracks. Before heading into the cave, the team checks back with the caravan to let the merchants know that a cave has been found and that they are going to investigate. When they go back to the cave, Medea decides to send in Fluffy to scout ahead. Fluffy eventually returns informing her that there are two Ogres in the cave. With knowledge the team moves forward into the cave and engages the two Ogres. In a dazzling display of coordinated fury, the team is able to defeat the two Ogres with minimal harm to only Medea.

Ascention Day

The 11th of Sollus, TH 1505, the day when Kaer Ardanyan returned to the world.

Adjustment Period

In Ardanyan, the year has been a busy one. The confusion and chaos caused by doubling the population ran rampant for weeks. The Throalic airships overhead maintained a tense peace for the short time they investigated the reports of the Cult. Reforming the Government and the Town Watch was the first priority for reestablishing some level of civility, and once achieved, the airships departed to allow the town to work it out for themselves. Once the flying guardians were gone, small riots started to break out as tempers flared, and cultures clashed.

The gates were shut to merchants for the first time in memory. The lines of caravans, and grumbling merchants, threatened to reach back to Bartertown. The T’skrang merchant house of V’strimon were particularly vocal with their displeasure at having ships trapped North of the city. One enterprising ship did not stay idle, and offered merchants ferry service across the river, at a hefty fee.

With the loss of the Traitor Council, many of the fine estates of Hangside were abandoned. After some investigation and searching, these estates changed to common houses for all who wished it, or family estates for the larger families of the Kaer (Dwarf, Orc, and Human predominantly).

The Obisidiman Caedrus, happy to reunite with two of his Brothers, opened his estate for any of the kaer to be welcome. However, as his estate does not offer much protection from the elements, few accepted his offer for long.


The New Council was created, representing interests of both factions of the town.


Of the Kaer Council:

  • Marliena Swordsinger – Human Troubador & Swordmaster. Formerly of Okoros
  • Kolgan Redbeard – Dwarf Troubador. Formerly of Khar Ruz
  • Sham’Sin – Elf Elementalist. Formerly of Shal’Minar.

Of the Townsfolk:

  • Hchal’Tssan – T’skrang merchant. Owner of the Red Raven Inn of Landside. Representing House V’strimon interests in the town.
  • Klanik – Human Warrior. Former First Watch guard of the Ring. Leader of the revolt against the Traitor Council.
  • Arraskan Sanabar – Human Archer, of Hangside. One of the original investors of the Town.

The new Council had several challenges to overcome. The empty coffers of the town were offset by the materials saved up over the Scourge within the Kaer mines. This helped to establish a more even political footing for the Kaer immigrants. Now able to pay their (previously unknown) debts and employees, the Town Watch was merged with the Kaer Guard, and with some semblance of order, the town re-opened itself to business.

Attacks on all Fronts

The merchant line attracted the attention of the Skull Warg tribe. The Scorchers quickly became more and more brazen in their attacks upon the merchant road. Giving the Second Watch outriders more than they could keep up with. With the help of the Adepts of Kaer Ardanyan, and their newly liberated airboat, the town watch is able to improve their response time, and expand their protection.

No sooner had the town secured one border, it was threatened by another. Above.
The Troll Moots of the Throal Mountains descended in their air ships, and tested the strength of the reformed town. Dropping out of the sky, wreaking havok within the city. The fire cannons on the Council Hall found their range limit when attacking airborne targets. In the end, Spilvan the Red, formerly of Okoros, challenged their leader to a duel. This was accepted, but they withdrew to an airship deck to engage each other. Minutes later, Spilvan was returned to the ground, and the airships left without further difficulty.

Ardanyan had once again secured it’s place in the world as a safe haven for trade.

Gahmil, TH 1506

There is an open invitation across Barsaive for people to celebrate Earthtime within Throal. Adepts are especially welcome to share their adventures to be entered into the Great Library of Throal. In addition to this honor, they shall be given a monetary reward in relation to the greatness of their entries.

Called to the Carpet

Presenting Evidence

Joran returns to the team and with him is the Elementalist Sham’sin. They want the young adepts to show them the entrance to the Kaer they had found during their escape from City Ardanyan. Karabus explains to them that the area is layered heavily with illusions. It may be difficult to find, but they will do their best.

M’lo leads this extended group back into The Deeps, using his skills to aid them in avoiding the mobs still hunting for the team. After some searching they are able located the area and prove to the two leaders of the Kaer that there are illusions by stepping back and forth through them. Sham’sin mediates for a bit and determines that the illusions have been tied into the Kaer wards, allowing the wards to be tricked into thinking they were working. Sham’sin, then declares that it could have always been worse, it appears that the area is clear in the Astral Space, which means that there have been no Horrors.

Karabus informs Sham’sin about the fall of the two passions and their new “Mad” personas. Karabus seems to be making headway with Sham’sin and senses that he will be on our side going into the meeting. On the way back Sham’sin asks many questions about what the outside world is like. Everyone takes their turn telling their stories and offering tips and suggestions.

Council Politics

In the Council Hall the Councilors and Elders arrive and prepare for the Inquiry. In addition to Joran Hardhelm and Leldrin the list of those in attendance:

  • Governor Garhn Andur of Okuros
  • Haragasun K’tan Vross
  • Ambassador Joran
  • Sham’sin
  • Ghandjoon
  • Governor Asandel
  • Ambassador Gathleen Velidien
  • Governor Kolgan Redbeard

The Inquiry begins with an opening statement from Leldrin. He speaks about himself and his time in service to the Kaer and in doing so works at building up his relationship with the members of the assembly.

M’lo then steps up and drawing up his skills as an actor, tells the tale of what the team has done recently. He is hoping to establish the teams credibility with the Assembly.

Medea then steps up and makes her plea directly to Governor Andur and she appears to make some headway.

Karabus then stands up and makes an impassioned speech. He mentions the original group that first ventured forth on what we have been told was an ill-fated encounter with a Horror. He then mentions second group sent out to the world, those that are the mentors of the team. He then puts out the items that were found on the Alter of Raggok. His speech and presentation of objects plays amazingly well all those in the whole room.

Mazrol then takes his turn and attempts to sway Governor Redbeard, unfortunately he manages only to annoy him.

Leldrin takes to the center of the room again and tries to enspell the whole room, but it doesn’t effect them all.

As Leldrin moves from his place, M’lo replaces him and begins speaking. He talks specifically to Governor Andur and Haragasub K’tan Vross, telling them about how their are holes in the wards of Okuros.

After M’lo, Teledon steps up with a bag of coins that were collected from the outside world. Teledon explained that there would have been no way for us to have gathered these coins with minting from an outside if we had never been outside.

Medea then takes the floor and addresses Governor Redbeard and she makes some headway.

When Medea steps down, Karabus then steps up and addresses the Elves from Shal’Minar, talking about how select people are being taken out of the kaer to live happy lives and the rest of them are being left inside to rot.

Mazrol, after his last attempt, steps up once again and speaks to Governor Redbeard and once again he does not do well.

Following Mazrol, Leldrin steps up and begins addressing both the governor and ambassador of Shal’Minar.

M’lo then steps to the center of the room again. He looks around the room and then addresses those same two that Leldrin had just spoken too. He talked about how the last prison he was in was when he and his team were rescuing their mentors, who were arrested and beaten under the false charge of Slavery. Teledon throws down the bag of gold as evidence of the truth of M’lo’s words. With this last bit of evidence given, the “room is won” and of those in the assembly side with the team.

The Traitor Revealed

Joran then gets up and makes a statement accusing Leldrin of layering illusions over the tunnel from the Kaer to the City.

Leldrin in a final attempt to save himself addresses the room, causing people passively sit and listen. He made a speech looking down on them and being dismissive towards the Assembly and then he tries to leave.

Then the action starts:

  • Teledon, jumps up and strikes at Leldrin
  • Karabus, casts Mind Dagger
  • Mdedea, hits him and wounds him
  • Mazrol – Shoots and ‘pins’ his robes to the wall

In the middle of all this activity and aggression in his direction Leldrin points his finger at Joran and calls to him “You Traitor!!!”

Joran then blanches and dives off the stage and runs through the crowd attempting to get away.

  • Teledon, strikes Leldrin again and cuts him down.
  • Mazrol moves over to Leldrin to check if he’s dead and decides that he is in fact dead and not pretending.

M’lo then asks Ghanjoon to come over and verify that Leldrin is in fact dead or if he is running away under and illusion. She confirms that he is in fact dead.

About 20 minutes later the body of Leldrin becomes the body of Joran, everyone is surprised and distressed. Ghanjoon weaves threads and brings him back to life.

Leaving the Kaer

Joran begins making speeches about making preparations to leave and go to the surface.

M’lo suggests that perhaps there should be a new holiday.

Once everyone has packed all their belongings for the journey to the surface, they all joined each other for the ascension. As they stepped outside the people are amazed by the sheer size of the world, many had feelings of falling up. The adepts however, felt something extra.

- Ghanjoon is rushed by all the local spirits.
- Sham’sin became more attuned with the elements

It is explained to the team that based on their lower Circles they were not terribly overwhelmed, unlike the whole lot of the higher circle adepts.

Once everyone had recovered from the overwhelming sensations of either the vastness of the world and/ or adeptual connections, they all marched down to the city. When they arrived they found out that the City Council had run away with most of the treasury. Along with them, most of the 3rd watch was also gone. It was known that the 3rd watch were Adepts for the most part and also the members of the city watch most loyal to the council.

As things begin to settle, Ferhaan invited M’lo to his estate for a conversation. At the end of the conversation he handed back the firing pins for the Fire Canons. Medea was also informed that Blitz was being stabled at his estate.

A day after everyone had been “crammed” into the city two airships arrive and a couple of dwarves come down into the city. The Dwarves asked for Teledon and talk with him about the reports he had sent to them previously. Teledon offers to take them to the New Council.

And Back to the Kaer

The team travels deeper through the tunnel, M’lo is in the lead looking for traps with Teledon close behind in case there is a combat threat. M’lo finds the first pit trap and is able to lead the rest of the team past it and then keep his eyes peeled for more. At some point Teledon begins marking the walls so that the team would know which way to go if they had to move through area at speed. After 2 or 3 hours the team takes a break and are able to rest and perform their Karma rituals. Once these are complete Karabus re-casts the the Mage Armor and Astral Shield spells for everyone.

Still traveling through the tunnel M’lo finds yet another pit trap and then tunnel opens up in to an area containing a pair of cadaver men and large multi-headed creature with no eyes, but many teeth. Karabus risks using his Astral Sight on the creature and determines that it is some sort of Horror touched critter and it has to be killed. All of the creatures have turned towards the light carried by the team, but none of them have advanced.

Teledon asked Karabus to verify if they were illusions or if they were really there. Karabus reports that they are in fact all real. M’lo moves into the room prepared to back up Medea. Mazrol takes aim at the Beast and shoots it in the chest causing a grievous wound, it writhes and screams. At this point Mazrol successfully sees through the illusion. Mazrol tells the team his belief of the beast being an illusion. Teledon, is not certain that Mazrol is correct and steps into a defensive position in front of M’lo. Medea true to form charged the beast and attacks it with her claws wounding it further.

The first cadaver man steps forward and attacks Medea, but it’s claws are match for her armor. The Beast then attacks Medea, just then she notices that it is an illusion, but to the rest of the team it looks as though she is being shredded. She does call out, telling everyone that it is an illusion. The second cadaver Man steps in to attack Teledon and its attacks bounce harmlessly off his shield. Karabus, who still sees the Beast as a danger, steps up and casts Mind Dagger at it.

Teledon engages the cadaver man and hurts it. M’lo is able to see through the illusion of the Beast, and then moves behind the cadaver man that is fighting with Teledon takes a swing and cuts off its head. Karabus attempts to cast a spell at the cadaver man fighting with Medea and the spell does not land. At the same time the cadaver man attacks Medea, she side steps the attack then spins on her target and swipes its head off. Everyone in the team now realizes that the Beast is an illusion and no longer concerns themselves with it, the fight is over.

M’lo then moves up to the front again and begins looking for more traps. Teledon then steps ahead of everyone, including M’lo and suddenly is in a hallway all alone according to his perception. Given that everyone on the team can still see him, it is determined to be another illusion. Medea picks up the body of a dead cadaver man and lays him across the line of the illusion, so that it appears to be half in the wall. This way, if the team needs to escape quickly, they will hopefully be able to find their way through this illusion.

M’lo looks around the area and says that he thinks they may be somewhere in the Deeps. Sylphis will look around as well and concur with M’lo’s opinion. M’lo then suggests that Medea should see if she can pick up any sort of the trail or tracks, given that Leldrin seems to use this route to get to the City. Medea looks around a bit and decides that North is the way to go. The team has a quick chat and votes to go North. They travel a bit further and eventually find themselves at the border of Okoros. At this point there is a discussion between the team and mentors. The mentors are going to go to a hiding spot that Sylphis knows of still in the Deeps, where they will rest and recover, meanwhile the team will head for the Council Hall.

The team moves through the streets of Okoros and notice that the citizens are paying special attention to them and whispering amongst themselves. A Troll steps up and boldly asks why the team isn’t still in prison. It seems that they have been branded as “Gate Cultists.” The team tries talking to the group of citizens in a calm and civil manner, however it seems that what the crowd hears are vile threats of violence. Karabus casts his spell “Dazzling Display of Logic” with the intent to resolves this conflict peacefully. Unfortunately, his spell-casting is received as him speaking in tongues and attempting to make use of his vast and terrible spell power.

M’lo attempts to lead the team away Gracefully from the situation, unfortunately he was unsuccessful. Karabus then attempts to dispel magic in the area and is not successful. Teledon puts himself into a defensive position to protect the rest of the team. Mazrol runs away. Then the angry mob attacks Teledon and Karabus. Teledon is able to block all the attacks made at him, unfortunately Karabus was hurt. Medea, M’lo and Karabus all head between a pair of buildings onto a parallel street. Mazrol, then changes his direction to catch up with the rest of the team. Meanwhile, Teledon leads the mob away in another direction. M’lo in the lead, the team heads back to the Deeps, where they notice that the angry mob is not willing to enter the Deeps. They stop there to make a better plan.

Mazrol takes out the arrowhead and hopes that he might be able to us it to locate the direction of the mentors, unfortunately it does not work this time. M’lo suggests that Karabus might try Dispelling Magic on the team. Medea volunteers to be the first cast upon and Karabus finds that there is one more spell on her than he can account for. Karabus then cast his Dispel upon the rest of the team, followed by casting Astral Sight and making sure that the team was no longer en-spelled. That done the team then ponder how an additional spell may have been cast upon them. A plan is concocted to have one of the team members to go and speak with the crowd while Karabus watched from a hiding place.

Teledon volunteers to go out and speak to the crowd. Karabus once again en-spells the rest of the team and they all move in to position to watch Teledon’s encounter. The mob has become even larger and has broken into groups seeking across multiple streets. Rather than going into the street to talk with the crowd, Teledon knocks at a window, in an attempt to get one of the residents of the home to speak with him. “If you repeat this back this sentence , I’ll give you a gold coin.” An Orc opens the window, repeats back the sentence and claims his gold.

M’lo then offers to guide the team via his Stealthy Stride, to the get to the new target location. They are able to slip past the first groups of the mob. Medea and Mazrol are going into Upendils Hammer to speak with owner. While they are inside the mob spots the rest of the team who is waiting hiding in an alley. M’lo once again attempts to take everyone with him with a Graceful Exit, unfortunately it is an abysmal failure, resulting in a full scatter.

Inside, Harg is behind the counter working when he is approached by Medea and Mazrol. They initiate the conversation with code words used previously and he takes them into a back hallway. Once back there, they tell him about the outside being clean and Horror free. They then tell him about the City and the “Heroes” and about how they have been smuggling Elves out of the Kaer. When they take a breath Harg asks them if they have any idea why Leldrin would have come back into the Kaer. After a bit more conversation, they decide that it will be safe to bring the rest of the team into the shop Once inside, Teledon tells him about the Mad Passions and then offers conjectures that the Elves killed the Dwarves and then went off to the build their city. Then the information about the cadaver men is mentioned and Harg had no idea about those being around. He offers to take the team to the Council Hall, via the tunnel and make first contact for them. Before Harg leave, he is also told that the team has rescued the Mentors, but that they are wounded and healing in a secret location.

Harg and M’lo head to the Council Hall, Harg then speaks to Joran briefly about something needing to be seen in the shop. Joran is surprised to see the whole team waiting to speak with him. The team gives him the debrief of all things seen and done after leaving the Kaer. Throughout the report Joran grows more and more angry until Leldrin is mentioned and he growls “I knew it!”

The team along with Joran begin making plans to capture Leldrin. The plan is to call him to a Council Meeting, which will also contain their allies.

Down the Rabbit Hole


The Watch Commander falls upon the stairs between the assault of Teledon and Medea. The final guard, caught in the middle of everyone, surrenders after a token battering. The team then takes the opportunity for some healing. M’lo administers the Healing Vial to Medea and she heals to some extent. Teledon is then passed the vial and he uses it on Karabus, who heals completely. Mazrol drinks one of the standard healing potions and Medea drinks another and was then healed completely. Teledon then reactivates Woodskin.

Once all the healing was complete the team was ready for the next stage. Following the directions from Titoo, they head to the Tax Collectors office, to the right of the entrance. M’lo makes short work of the locked door. The office is full of paperwork and records, but no valuables. In the back of the room, there is a reinforced door with a more complicated lock. After a few tries M’lo gets it open as well.

Behind this door, as expected, there is a spiral staircase heading up and down. They know that the cell holding their mentors is below, likely behind Adepts of the Watch.

Outside, they can hear the guard dogs in the backyard barking a warning. The witnesses outside are growing in size and noise. While there are no alarm bells ringing through the city, it’s only a matter of time.

Council Hall Cellar

At the bottom of the stairs, they see four guards, Teledon charges the Warrior. Even as Teledon is running forward to engage the enemy Mazrol leaps over the rail of the stairs and fires his bow as he lands shooting one of the Watchmen. M’lo follows Teledon into the fight and takes a swing at the Warrior as well but misses. Karabus casts a spell at the Swordmaster, who manages to successfully slip the spell. With the opening salvo ended the enemy begins fighting back.

Teledon is struck, but not with enough strength to pass his guard. The Swordmaster then turns on M’lo attempting to harm him with cutting words, which have no effect. Seeing his words having no effect he steps in and used steel, missing with his main hand but striking home with his second weapon. The Watchman paired with the Swordmaster also takes a swing at M’lo but missing cleanly. Sensing that her teammate was in trouble, Medea moved to M’lo’s side and swung with her claws at the Swordmaster. She missed him but her attack was enough to distract him from attacking M’lo. With the Swordmaster having spun around to face Medea, M’lo needed no further invitation and stabs him in the back while attempting a taunt of his own. Having been stabbed in the back the Swordmaster shifts away from M’lo and swings at Medea missing her.

Mazrol surveys the room and decides to shoot at the Watchman he had hit previously, attempting to help M’lo and Medea. Sadly the Watchman dodged the arrow via his movements from the melee. Using the distraction of an arrow flying through the melee, Medea takes a swing at the Swordmaster and misses, but once again manages to Distract attention from M’lo.

Once again Teledon is engaged with two opponents, in a swirl of shield, blade and armor. Each moving, hoping to gain some advantage, ultimately all three swing at each other, with little or no effect. Mazrol once again takes a shot at the same watchman, this time bouncing an arrow off his armor. M’lo then maneuvers behind the Swordmaster stabbing at him and missing as he stepped forward at just that moment to attack Medea harming her. Karabus refreshes the Mage Armor on the team through their Wizard Marks. The watchman on the side of the fight stabbed at Medea as well, hurting her badly.

In the other fight, Teledon took a swing at the watchman, unfortunately the sword was torn from his grasp. He chose to follow it, and managed to place himself back to back with M’lo. Medea then moved herself so that her back was to one of the stout wooden doors, while also taking another swing at the Swordmaster. Mazrol takes another shot at the watchman engaged with Medea, causing him to miss her. The Swordmaster then changed his focus from Medea to M’lo, once again failing to taunt him but stabbing him slightly. Meanwhile, the Warrior stabbed at Teledon, who’s movements mirrored his enemy was not wounded. Teledon then struck at the watchman in that fight, forcing him out of the combat. Karabus unleashed a spell at the Swordmaster, Wounding him. Still staggered from the damage of the mighty spell, the Swordmaster never saw Medea step into deadly range and he paid with his life, as she ripped his head off dropping at the feet of the watchman ordering him to surrender.

Karabus then casts at the Warrior, doing a bit of damage, then Teledon moves in to attack the Warrior stabbing him with a solid blow. M’lo moved in on the Warrior as well, sadly his strike missed. Mazrol moved in order to get a clear shot at the watchman fighting with Medea and hits him, but not significantly. Karabus, sensing the beginning of the end casts Iron Hand to help his teammates wrap up the combat. Medea, then attacks the watchman who had been nipping at her heels and takes him out of the fight. With all opponents but the Warrior defeated or dead the team made quick work of their final enemy.

Freeing the Mentors

With the fight complete, M’lo started searching the belts and pouches of the fallen enemies. When asked what he was doing he responded that he was looking for keys, keys being the most efficient way to get passed locks. In the end both the Swordmaster and the Warrior were carrying keys. M’lo then suggested that Mazrol use the arrow head to determine which way to find the Mentors. Mazrol uses his Mystic Pursuit Talent, and points to the door on the right. M’lo goes over to the door, inserts the key in the lock and opens the door.

In the next room is a large cage containing the mentors. They are all bound, and badly beaten. Sylphis the Thief is near death from the Councils ministrations. Both Windlings are drenched, their wings useless, and T’Schrrt Zru’ul is blindfolded. M’o moves up to the cage, examines the lock and then with some effort picks it.

The team then moves into the large cell and begins freeing their very confused mentors. “Why? How? You, shouldn’t be out of the Kaer.” The pupils answer the best they can, recounting the invitation to go search for their missing mentors as well their journey to the city and their own branding as slavers. Sylphis suggests to M’lo that he search for a secret door, that must be down here. Unfortunately M’lo can’t locate it, so Karabus steps up using his Astral Sight and finds it at the far end of the treasure room.

The Secret Shrine

Now with the location of the secret door noted, M’lo moved to it and examined it for traps and finding none he opened it. In the room behind the secret door, they found a shrine of Raggok. It was covered in blood stains, Namegiver bones, insect corpses, and living spiders weaving webs. A rams head was prominent over a ringed cross. The ringed cross caught their attention, Karabus saw that it had more astral magic signature than the other items. Upon closer inspection, it seemed to have been crafted from 5 different materials, and inscribed with runes by different hands. It appeared that this was a Talisman, possibly the core focus of the creation of a Group Pattern. It was determined that more time will be needed to decipher and examine it closer. They also gathered up 2500 Silver Coins (Throalic mint) and 500 Gold Coins (Kaer mint).

Behind the Shrine, another untrapped secret door was found and was opened with minor difficulty by M’lo.
Opening the heavy door revealed a dark passage, a long tunnel winding through the earth. Two light quartz hanging at the walls were taken up to illuminate the way. Beyond there was a long passageway heading into the darkness. It went on, with only minor twists and turns, for miles. Behind them, they heard angry shouts of the guardsmen echoing down the stairs.

With any luck, this tunnel will take them all back to the Kaer.

No plan survives first contact

After a bit more planning the team decides that at the very least they need to take the night to heal and rest off wounds. In the morning, Ferhaan informs them that the guard and more likely the Council are not wasting any time, it turns out that they were the subject of the Morning Crier’s announcements. He shows them the wanted posters. A new plan is suggested for the distraction, inspired by the wanted posters. Instead of lighting multiple fires around town, Ferhaan will hire multiple illusionists to move around town changing their faces to look like the team and draw attention that way.

The team continues to discuss the best way to get into the Council House. Without coming to a solid decision, they move through town and get within a block of the Council House and scope out the guards at the front and back doors. Then realization sinks in that they don’t have any way to get guard uniforms, so the plan to sneak in a guards who arrested a couple of the team members is scrapped in favor of fighting in through the front door. After waiting a couple of moments for Karabus to cast Quickened Pace and Wizard Mark on everyone, they put their new plan into action.

M’lo moved around a corner where he can’t be seen and enters his Stealthy Stride and begins moving to get into position behind the nearest guard by the door. While M’lo is maneuvering into position Teledon activates his Wood Skin. While this is going on Medea approaches the other guard with the intention of distracting him, by flirting with him, however he does not appear to fall victim to her charms. Meanwhile, Karabus and Mazrol approach the guard that M’lo is sneaking up on and attempt to distract him. Karabus begins asking “How would I schedule a court date?” and Mazrol begins asking for directions to random locations around town. The guard appears to be confused by the duo enough that M’lo is able to start the fight by stabbing him in the back. It was not enough to take him out, but the follow-up attacks by Karabus and Mazrol take the guard out of the fight. On the other side of the door, Teledon realizes that the guard is not falling for Medea’s flirtations and steps up and strikes him with his sword, following his straight forward lead, Medea grows her claws and strikes the guard as well taking him out of the fight.

With both guards down and out of the fight, they are bound and gagged and left out of the way. M’lo moves up to the door and tests it to find it locked. The door and lock are both impressive and M’lo is able to pick the lock on his second attempt. M’lo then moves out of the way to let Teledon and Medea do their job and enter the room first. When the open the door and move in they see two watchmen on the stairs and on the first landing there is a Captain and a Magician.

Teledon charges into the room to the stairway on the right side and engages the watchman, there is a clash of blades on shields as both warriors take the measure of the other. Mazrol, fires an arrow over Teledon’s shoulder, which is blocked by the watchmen. Medea moves in on the watchman on the stairs on the left side of the room. Her dazzling display of claw fighting action passing his guard and hitting hard. M’lo once again using his Stealthy Stride, also moves in the direction of the left stairs where he will either strike the guard or move passed and make his way up to the Captain and Magician.

After the initial burst of violence the Captain begins shouting orders to his people. Teledon and his watchman opponent continue swinging at each other with Teledon getting the better of the exchange. The Captain begins moving to go and help his man who is fighting Teledon and manages to mostly block the arrow that was shot at him by Mazrol and the Magician cast a spell at Medea striking her with a green beam of energy hurting her quite a bit. M’lo continued moving in on the left side and seeing damage caused by the Magician determined that he had to be his main target.

Teledon is now pressed fighting both the initial watchman and the Captain. It is a swirl of blades and shields, if anyone is hit it is nothing worth noting at the moment. Mazrol once again lines up on the Captain and fires into the swirling melee and manages to hit his target, only to have the arrow defeated by his armor. On the other side of the fight Medea strikes her opponent takes him out of the fight. As the guard slumps down the stairs Karabus is moving into the center of the room and hears the Magician begin to cast again and realizes that he is an illusionist and shouts that to the room. Medea, who will no doubt be his target looks him the eye and smiles as the now anticipated illusion harmlessly cascades over her. M’lo moves past the slumped and bleeding guard and maneuvers himself behind the Illusionist. Heartened by the revelation that the enemy caster is an illusionist, Medea charges him and hits him with a solid strike as he casts another spell at her. However, this time it was a true combat spell and not another illusion and she is hurt once again. With the spell barely past his lips, he screamed in pain as the very patient M’lo, finally in position stabs him in the back causing a serious wound.

Realizing exactly what a dangerous position he was actually in, the Illusionist moved and put himself back to back with the Captain and the other watchman and then cast another combat spell, this time at M’lo wounding him. Medea follows the Illusionist and takes a swing at him and ducks out of the way. Teledon and his opponents continue their swirling dance of steel, blades ringing off shields, with the addition of Mazrol once again shooting the Captain with the arrow once again bouncing off his armor. Just when it looked like the fight was wrapping up two new watchmen burst in through the main doors. Medea took the distraction offered by those guards making their entrance to take a swing at the Illusionist, tearing his head off and sending it bouncing down to the first floor, which caused one of the guards to stumble over the head and drop his bow. The other new watchman side stepped his comrade and shot Karabus, who was still standing in the middle of the room.

The stumbling guard finally gained his footing and drew his sword and took a swing at Karabus, hurting him slightly. The guard who still had his bow, elected not to fire into the melee combat where his comrade had engage Karabus and instead turned his attention on Mazrol and fired at him, who was also shooting at him. Both archers skillfully side-stepped the others arrow. Medea and M’lo decided to help Teledon and moved into the previously mentioned swirling dance of steel, Medea the obvious threat was the target of the watchman who missed her, but in doing so left himself open to M’lo’s attack. Teledon likely thrown out of his pattern, now only having to fight one man is struck and wounded by the Captain and only strikes his shield.

The scrum on the stairs continued, lots of swinging and blocking and dodging, no one gaining the clear advantage. Both archers continued their duel of firing and dodging. It finally broke when Karabus cast a spell at the Captain driving him to his knees. The team seems heartened by this turn of events, Teledon avoids the errant swing from the Captain, Mazrol dances out of the way from the sword wielding watchman on the first floor and then shoots him with an arrow taking him out of the fight. Clearly feeling left out of the engagement the archer shot at Mazrol only to waste yet another arrow. M’lo swung at the watchmen and distracted him long enough for Medea to strike and kill him as well.

The fight now is the Watch Captain vs. a wounded Teledon, a wounded Medea, and a wounded M’lo and a Watchman Archer vs. Mazrol and Karabus…


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