Telodún Doronthond Mórgarav


Discipline: Warrior
Circle: 5
Race: Elf

Telodún is a tall, lithe elf with snow-white hair and blue-violet eyes. He has pale skin that refuses to tan.

Equipment of Note:

Chain of Prosperity: Threads: 1 (Rank 4)
Healing Vial Threads: 1 (Rank 4)
Unrequited Wave: Threads: 1 (Rank 2)


Telodún is the apprentice of Flim Vreen, a Dwarven Warrior in the Kaer Guard.

Raquas 10, 1470:
Joins the party after the death of Iianthanas “Iian” Silverbow.

Sollus 6, 1470:
The party forms their Group pattern, ‘The Seekers Beyond the Gate. Telodún uses Iian’s Shield as his pattern item.


Earthdawn: Leaving the Kaer Kintani