Slain by Ardanyan's Horror


Record states that Mangalin held to a theory that the wards were interfering with the Elemental Well. That magic must have dipped low enough to end the Scourge, and banish the Horrors, but the powerful wards were interfering with the readings.

Leldrin report states that Mangalin was quick to respond with various spells. However, his training in the old ways, before Spell Matrixes, returned to him under pressure, and he died in an explosion of magical black flame.


Mangalin had a tower built within the town. He started building up a library with books from all over the province. In recent time, he as become a recluse. Rumors that he has started to loose his mind. He has neglected most of his duties to the Town of Ardanyan, and only rarely comes out of his tower.


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