Records state that Argethiel was most looking forward to seeing the true sky once again.

Leldrin’s accounting of the attack says that Argethiel stood bravely against the Horror, shoulder to shoulder with Dunar. They fell, hoping to give Leldrin and Feargus time to escape back to the Kaer.


Upon discovering the Town of Ardanyan, the Seekers discover that the town is run by an Elf Weaponsmith named Argethiel.

He helped build the town up from nothing, and protected it from the Skull Wharg Tribe of Orc Scorchers with fire cannons and elemental-built walls.

His apprentice, Handreaux, runs Argethial’s Forge day-to-day operation.

The Seekers revealed Argethiels connection to the Raggok Cult, forcing him to kill many of his own Watchmen, and flee the town. But not before taking much of the treasury with him.


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