Earthdawn: Leaving the Kaer

Meeting with the Thieves Guild

Planning, planning and haggling

The party stands on the street discussing what to do next and finally decides to go to the Thieves Guild. Everyone looks to M’lo, these are “his people” so it’s up to him to go and make first contact, though Karabus goes with him. The initial conversation was a bit of a rough start, but eventually M’lo managed to convince the people at the look-out spot to take him to the boss.

The new contacts led the party into Hangside, to the modest estate of the local Master of Thieves Ferhaan. There is a very long conversation and information is shared from both sides. They tell him about how there are members of the city council that are believed to be dead heroes of their Kaer. They also mention that they suspect a secret alliance between these council members and the leaders in the Kaer to allow both sets of them to maintain their power.

Ferhaan, gives them some history of the city. How it had begun as a small outpost but gained notoriety after the defeat of the Skull Whargs in 1491. After that the location became more famous and a favorite stop for merchants, which brought a boom of prosperity. According to legend, Argethiel had acquired the fire canons, which were the main weapon used to defeat the Skull Whargs.

Ferhaan confirmed the names of four of Council members that had once been the heroes of the Kaer. Argethial, is the leader of the Council. The other members are Errin, Jania, and Mangalin. He also informs the party that Mangalin hasn’t been seen in public in some time and it is suspected that he may be either already insane or heading there quickly. It is however expected that he is still alive, because the regular food deliveries are still being made.

He also mentioned the First Theran War, which took place about 20 years earlier. As well as how the city was raised from a settlement and has been recognized by the Kingdom of Throal as an independent city.

Later as the conversation continued Ferhaan told us about a group of people that matched the descriptions the party’s mentors that had recently been arrested outside of the city and charged with Slavery. That was the moment when the multiple suggested plans were dropped and all energy was focused on rescuing the group of mentors being held in the Council Hall. Ferhaan informed the Party that while he understood why they wanted to break into the Council Hall, no one has ever successfully done so. He then thought about it for a couple of moments and came up with the name of an individual that had a map of the Council Hall and had tried to use to break and barely managed to escape being arrested or killed. Unfortunately, this individual a young Adept named Titoo had brought Ferhaan’s son along on the caper and he had been killed by the guards.

Titoo has been keeping out of sight since that day, but if the Party could locate him, it was possible Titoo could be convinced to give the Party the map and talk about what to expect inside. Titoo was described as a very small human, who looks much younger than his actual age. He uses his appearance in order to cause people to underestimate him or take pity on him…whichever is the most applicable at the moment. Additional information is that he is believed to be a Adept Thief of Second Circle.

A deal is then struck between the Party and Fehaan. The guild will cause a distraction in other parts of the city drawing the guards away from the Council Hall. They will also work out getting the Party into the Council Hall as well as preparing an escape route via the water. All this for the low low price of 800sp, Ferhaan was however willing to lower the fee to 400sp if the party we willing to hand over Titoo, once the information on the Council Hall was obtained. The Party offered 200sp as a down-payment to get the work started, while they went hunting for Titoo.

The party then began asking Ferhaan several questions about Titoo, in an attempt to come up with their best guess for where in the whole city a young thief adept who doesn’t want to be found might be hiding. Between the best efforts of all members of the team, Titoo was finally spotted moving in a crowd in a Landside marketplace. After a brief foot chase the Party corned young Titoo in an alley and set about questioning him for all the Council Hall information he had.

- end of session -



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