Earthdawn: Leaving the Kaer

Down the Rabbit Hole


The Watch Commander falls upon the stairs between the assault of Teledon and Medea. The final guard, caught in the middle of everyone, surrenders after a token battering. The team then takes the opportunity for some healing. M’lo administers the Healing Vial to Medea and she heals to some extent. Teledon is then passed the vial and he uses it on Karabus, who heals completely. Mazrol drinks one of the standard healing potions and Medea drinks another and was then healed completely. Teledon then reactivates Woodskin.

Once all the healing was complete the team was ready for the next stage. Following the directions from Titoo, they head to the Tax Collectors office, to the right of the entrance. M’lo makes short work of the locked door. The office is full of paperwork and records, but no valuables. In the back of the room, there is a reinforced door with a more complicated lock. After a few tries M’lo gets it open as well.

Behind this door, as expected, there is a spiral staircase heading up and down. They know that the cell holding their mentors is below, likely behind Adepts of the Watch.

Outside, they can hear the guard dogs in the backyard barking a warning. The witnesses outside are growing in size and noise. While there are no alarm bells ringing through the city, it’s only a matter of time.

Council Hall Cellar

At the bottom of the stairs, they see four guards, Teledon charges the Warrior. Even as Teledon is running forward to engage the enemy Mazrol leaps over the rail of the stairs and fires his bow as he lands shooting one of the Watchmen. M’lo follows Teledon into the fight and takes a swing at the Warrior as well but misses. Karabus casts a spell at the Swordmaster, who manages to successfully slip the spell. With the opening salvo ended the enemy begins fighting back.

Teledon is struck, but not with enough strength to pass his guard. The Swordmaster then turns on M’lo attempting to harm him with cutting words, which have no effect. Seeing his words having no effect he steps in and used steel, missing with his main hand but striking home with his second weapon. The Watchman paired with the Swordmaster also takes a swing at M’lo but missing cleanly. Sensing that her teammate was in trouble, Medea moved to M’lo’s side and swung with her claws at the Swordmaster. She missed him but her attack was enough to distract him from attacking M’lo. With the Swordmaster having spun around to face Medea, M’lo needed no further invitation and stabs him in the back while attempting a taunt of his own. Having been stabbed in the back the Swordmaster shifts away from M’lo and swings at Medea missing her.

Mazrol surveys the room and decides to shoot at the Watchman he had hit previously, attempting to help M’lo and Medea. Sadly the Watchman dodged the arrow via his movements from the melee. Using the distraction of an arrow flying through the melee, Medea takes a swing at the Swordmaster and misses, but once again manages to Distract attention from M’lo.

Once again Teledon is engaged with two opponents, in a swirl of shield, blade and armor. Each moving, hoping to gain some advantage, ultimately all three swing at each other, with little or no effect. Mazrol once again takes a shot at the same watchman, this time bouncing an arrow off his armor. M’lo then maneuvers behind the Swordmaster stabbing at him and missing as he stepped forward at just that moment to attack Medea harming her. Karabus refreshes the Mage Armor on the team through their Wizard Marks. The watchman on the side of the fight stabbed at Medea as well, hurting her badly.

In the other fight, Teledon took a swing at the watchman, unfortunately the sword was torn from his grasp. He chose to follow it, and managed to place himself back to back with M’lo. Medea then moved herself so that her back was to one of the stout wooden doors, while also taking another swing at the Swordmaster. Mazrol takes another shot at the watchman engaged with Medea, causing him to miss her. The Swordmaster then changed his focus from Medea to M’lo, once again failing to taunt him but stabbing him slightly. Meanwhile, the Warrior stabbed at Teledon, who’s movements mirrored his enemy was not wounded. Teledon then struck at the watchman in that fight, forcing him out of the combat. Karabus unleashed a spell at the Swordmaster, Wounding him. Still staggered from the damage of the mighty spell, the Swordmaster never saw Medea step into deadly range and he paid with his life, as she ripped his head off dropping at the feet of the watchman ordering him to surrender.

Karabus then casts at the Warrior, doing a bit of damage, then Teledon moves in to attack the Warrior stabbing him with a solid blow. M’lo moved in on the Warrior as well, sadly his strike missed. Mazrol moved in order to get a clear shot at the watchman fighting with Medea and hits him, but not significantly. Karabus, sensing the beginning of the end casts Iron Hand to help his teammates wrap up the combat. Medea, then attacks the watchman who had been nipping at her heels and takes him out of the fight. With all opponents but the Warrior defeated or dead the team made quick work of their final enemy.

Freeing the Mentors

With the fight complete, M’lo started searching the belts and pouches of the fallen enemies. When asked what he was doing he responded that he was looking for keys, keys being the most efficient way to get passed locks. In the end both the Swordmaster and the Warrior were carrying keys. M’lo then suggested that Mazrol use the arrow head to determine which way to find the Mentors. Mazrol uses his Mystic Pursuit Talent, and points to the door on the right. M’lo goes over to the door, inserts the key in the lock and opens the door.

In the next room is a large cage containing the mentors. They are all bound, and badly beaten. Sylphis the Thief is near death from the Councils ministrations. Both Windlings are drenched, their wings useless, and T’Schrrt Zru’ul is blindfolded. M’o moves up to the cage, examines the lock and then with some effort picks it.

The team then moves into the large cell and begins freeing their very confused mentors. “Why? How? You, shouldn’t be out of the Kaer.” The pupils answer the best they can, recounting the invitation to go search for their missing mentors as well their journey to the city and their own branding as slavers. Sylphis suggests to M’lo that he search for a secret door, that must be down here. Unfortunately M’lo can’t locate it, so Karabus steps up using his Astral Sight and finds it at the far end of the treasure room.

The Secret Shrine

Now with the location of the secret door noted, M’lo moved to it and examined it for traps and finding none he opened it. In the room behind the secret door, they found a shrine of Raggok. It was covered in blood stains, Namegiver bones, insect corpses, and living spiders weaving webs. A rams head was prominent over a ringed cross. The ringed cross caught their attention, Karabus saw that it had more astral magic signature than the other items. Upon closer inspection, it seemed to have been crafted from 5 different materials, and inscribed with runes by different hands. It appeared that this was a Talisman, possibly the core focus of the creation of a Group Pattern. It was determined that more time will be needed to decipher and examine it closer. They also gathered up 2500 Silver Coins (Throalic mint) and 500 Gold Coins (Kaer mint).

Behind the Shrine, another untrapped secret door was found and was opened with minor difficulty by M’lo.
Opening the heavy door revealed a dark passage, a long tunnel winding through the earth. Two light quartz hanging at the walls were taken up to illuminate the way. Beyond there was a long passageway heading into the darkness. It went on, with only minor twists and turns, for miles. Behind them, they heard angry shouts of the guardsmen echoing down the stairs.

With any luck, this tunnel will take them all back to the Kaer.



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