Earthdawn: Leaving the Kaer

And Back to the Kaer

The team travels deeper through the tunnel, M’lo is in the lead looking for traps with Teledon close behind in case there is a combat threat. M’lo finds the first pit trap and is able to lead the rest of the team past it and then keep his eyes peeled for more. At some point Teledon begins marking the walls so that the team would know which way to go if they had to move through area at speed. After 2 or 3 hours the team takes a break and are able to rest and perform their Karma rituals. Once these are complete Karabus re-casts the the Mage Armor and Astral Shield spells for everyone.

Still traveling through the tunnel M’lo finds yet another pit trap and then tunnel opens up in to an area containing a pair of cadaver men and large multi-headed creature with no eyes, but many teeth. Karabus risks using his Astral Sight on the creature and determines that it is some sort of Horror touched critter and it has to be killed. All of the creatures have turned towards the light carried by the team, but none of them have advanced.

Teledon asked Karabus to verify if they were illusions or if they were really there. Karabus reports that they are in fact all real. M’lo moves into the room prepared to back up Medea. Mazrol takes aim at the Beast and shoots it in the chest causing a grievous wound, it writhes and screams. At this point Mazrol successfully sees through the illusion. Mazrol tells the team his belief of the beast being an illusion. Teledon, is not certain that Mazrol is correct and steps into a defensive position in front of M’lo. Medea true to form charged the beast and attacks it with her claws wounding it further.

The first cadaver man steps forward and attacks Medea, but it’s claws are match for her armor. The Beast then attacks Medea, just then she notices that it is an illusion, but to the rest of the team it looks as though she is being shredded. She does call out, telling everyone that it is an illusion. The second cadaver Man steps in to attack Teledon and its attacks bounce harmlessly off his shield. Karabus, who still sees the Beast as a danger, steps up and casts Mind Dagger at it.

Teledon engages the cadaver man and hurts it. M’lo is able to see through the illusion of the Beast, and then moves behind the cadaver man that is fighting with Teledon takes a swing and cuts off its head. Karabus attempts to cast a spell at the cadaver man fighting with Medea and the spell does not land. At the same time the cadaver man attacks Medea, she side steps the attack then spins on her target and swipes its head off. Everyone in the team now realizes that the Beast is an illusion and no longer concerns themselves with it, the fight is over.

M’lo then moves up to the front again and begins looking for more traps. Teledon then steps ahead of everyone, including M’lo and suddenly is in a hallway all alone according to his perception. Given that everyone on the team can still see him, it is determined to be another illusion. Medea picks up the body of a dead cadaver man and lays him across the line of the illusion, so that it appears to be half in the wall. This way, if the team needs to escape quickly, they will hopefully be able to find their way through this illusion.

M’lo looks around the area and says that he thinks they may be somewhere in the Deeps. Sylphis will look around as well and concur with M’lo’s opinion. M’lo then suggests that Medea should see if she can pick up any sort of the trail or tracks, given that Leldrin seems to use this route to get to the City. Medea looks around a bit and decides that North is the way to go. The team has a quick chat and votes to go North. They travel a bit further and eventually find themselves at the border of Okoros. At this point there is a discussion between the team and mentors. The mentors are going to go to a hiding spot that Sylphis knows of still in the Deeps, where they will rest and recover, meanwhile the team will head for the Council Hall.

The team moves through the streets of Okoros and notice that the citizens are paying special attention to them and whispering amongst themselves. A Troll steps up and boldly asks why the team isn’t still in prison. It seems that they have been branded as “Gate Cultists.” The team tries talking to the group of citizens in a calm and civil manner, however it seems that what the crowd hears are vile threats of violence. Karabus casts his spell “Dazzling Display of Logic” with the intent to resolves this conflict peacefully. Unfortunately, his spell-casting is received as him speaking in tongues and attempting to make use of his vast and terrible spell power.

M’lo attempts to lead the team away Gracefully from the situation, unfortunately he was unsuccessful. Karabus then attempts to dispel magic in the area and is not successful. Teledon puts himself into a defensive position to protect the rest of the team. Mazrol runs away. Then the angry mob attacks Teledon and Karabus. Teledon is able to block all the attacks made at him, unfortunately Karabus was hurt. Medea, M’lo and Karabus all head between a pair of buildings onto a parallel street. Mazrol, then changes his direction to catch up with the rest of the team. Meanwhile, Teledon leads the mob away in another direction. M’lo in the lead, the team heads back to the Deeps, where they notice that the angry mob is not willing to enter the Deeps. They stop there to make a better plan.

Mazrol takes out the arrowhead and hopes that he might be able to us it to locate the direction of the mentors, unfortunately it does not work this time. M’lo suggests that Karabus might try Dispelling Magic on the team. Medea volunteers to be the first cast upon and Karabus finds that there is one more spell on her than he can account for. Karabus then cast his Dispel upon the rest of the team, followed by casting Astral Sight and making sure that the team was no longer en-spelled. That done the team then ponder how an additional spell may have been cast upon them. A plan is concocted to have one of the team members to go and speak with the crowd while Karabus watched from a hiding place.

Teledon volunteers to go out and speak to the crowd. Karabus once again en-spells the rest of the team and they all move in to position to watch Teledon’s encounter. The mob has become even larger and has broken into groups seeking across multiple streets. Rather than going into the street to talk with the crowd, Teledon knocks at a window, in an attempt to get one of the residents of the home to speak with him. “If you repeat this back this sentence , I’ll give you a gold coin.” An Orc opens the window, repeats back the sentence and claims his gold.

M’lo then offers to guide the team via his Stealthy Stride, to the get to the new target location. They are able to slip past the first groups of the mob. Medea and Mazrol are going into Upendils Hammer to speak with owner. While they are inside the mob spots the rest of the team who is waiting hiding in an alley. M’lo once again attempts to take everyone with him with a Graceful Exit, unfortunately it is an abysmal failure, resulting in a full scatter.

Inside, Harg is behind the counter working when he is approached by Medea and Mazrol. They initiate the conversation with code words used previously and he takes them into a back hallway. Once back there, they tell him about the outside being clean and Horror free. They then tell him about the City and the “Heroes” and about how they have been smuggling Elves out of the Kaer. When they take a breath Harg asks them if they have any idea why Leldrin would have come back into the Kaer. After a bit more conversation, they decide that it will be safe to bring the rest of the team into the shop Once inside, Teledon tells him about the Mad Passions and then offers conjectures that the Elves killed the Dwarves and then went off to the build their city. Then the information about the cadaver men is mentioned and Harg had no idea about those being around. He offers to take the team to the Council Hall, via the tunnel and make first contact for them. Before Harg leave, he is also told that the team has rescued the Mentors, but that they are wounded and healing in a secret location.

Harg and M’lo head to the Council Hall, Harg then speaks to Joran briefly about something needing to be seen in the shop. Joran is surprised to see the whole team waiting to speak with him. The team gives him the debrief of all things seen and done after leaving the Kaer. Throughout the report Joran grows more and more angry until Leldrin is mentioned and he growls “I knew it!”

The team along with Joran begin making plans to capture Leldrin. The plan is to call him to a Council Meeting, which will also contain their allies.



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